Monday, February 20, 2006

oi vey!

matt lemay reviewed the new destroya today
first line: "Those of you who keep abreast of online rumor-mongering might be surprised to find that the rating at the top of this page is a few points shy of a 10.0."
last line: "Encapsulating and elevating the best of Destroyer's back catalog, Destroyer's Rubies serves as a potent reminder that the intelligence of Bejar's songs has never obfuscated their emotional weight."

sounds like lemay has great taste! i'll give this review an 8.5 too! awesome!

the hudson bell review from the same site
first line: "Hudson Bell is a singer/songwriter originally from Louisiana who now resides in San Francisco."
last line: "Closer "Sea Horse" utilizes quiet organ drones, lush guitar strumming, and soaring vocal harmonies to bring everything together, and, along with "Slow Burn", bookends a rich, delicate album."

unlike the well written destroyer review, this review is blah. very much like this band. they gave the album a 7.4, i give it a 5.6. the review gets a 4.0...


imperialffrr said...

that hudson bell album is crazy boring. something about 7 minute pop songs that go nowhere really irks me. is that natural?

earl boykins said...

yeah, the stuff on monitor is a little dubious. maybe in a little while these bands will be good, but with all the great bands out there, who's needs a hudson bell?