Friday, May 26, 2006

i'll dig a hole for all your friends

yo gotti gangster grillz review! good! i claim this as good as 'dedication' and 'title'! tons of good tracks, not too many cameos, and some good jokes. sure he isn't hilarious like cam or wheezy, but he's not unfunny either. his voice is funny enough as it is. not unfunny!

let's see what the times said about him
1st line: "Yo Gotti is a shiny-toothed, crime-obsessed Southern rapper who has yet to score a big hit."
2nd line: "For now, let him storm your CD player instead."

this is half assed review! how bout some more words for this dude who's hooked on phonics? but i like how K said one track was 'lovely'.

when will sasha frere jones start blogging about him? this album will blow his mind.

also, i saw the walkmen on webster on wed. yup, they fucking RULE! it was crazy. text messages going on that said 'where the fuck are you this is RRAAAADDD' over and over. someone kept farting in front of us. i figured out it was this girl who was singing along to all the songs. gassy walkmen fans? cheeseburger farts. it was gross i'm telling you.

Friday, May 19, 2006

haha dirk is awesome

casual friday!

angels & airwaves- new blink band! sort of. i checked out their myspace page. sick! more sensitive than blink, but less rapping than boxcar. kinda epic! uh, can we get a new chem bromance record please? stop hanging out at misshapes and get that record done! ***update*** i just got the full length. hm... i think this might not shred enough for me. the layered/earnest thing is nice, but i need my shredding jams! minimal air guitaring here, but still, a good record.

rick ross- nocito brought back pics and this mixtape from miami. i have some of these songs but the tape is good! not a lot of nonsense, easy to listen to, not annoying at all! he's not the greatest rapper, in fact, he's not that good, but his delivery and production make up for it. sounds like a less nerdy MF doom? waiting on that full length...

boris. pink!- the first song is great, like that jesu EP! i thought i was in store for some more jams, but the records falls off pretty drastically. more of the same thrash/garage/screaming stuff on the other albums. not so much range here. mono and jesu take this record easily...

Monday, May 15, 2006

herein lies the problem

let's say dolan actually does buy out larry. ok fine. larry did a shit job this year. but what's next? this offseason dolan will either let isiah be coach or ask him for another big name coach [if so- please let it be stan van]. he'll ask isiah to move some players. maybe francis, marbury, crawford, or all of them.

isiah, 'what we should do is try to get under the cap and get some draft picks. we have the team now that we will trade to get'
donan, 'well, i'm losing too much money. i think if we get a superstar i can get some people in the seats. if we get into the 1st round, i can break even'
isiah, 'you are and always will be a fool. don't you read earl?'

so we have the knicks. with or without larry next year will be a doozy. i like curry still. keep him. i like all the players actually. isiah did a great job i think, understanding that dolan is the man calling the shots. sure a PF would be great, but a ton of teams need PF's, whatever. kenny thomas or kenyon martin will not put us over.

let dolan do what he's gonna do. i'll still watch the games but i refuse to pay for those $75 tix and $8 beers.

best of the year, in may!

ok here's my best of 2006 [music wise] list in may
the streets- yup, hilarious and produced well.
arctic monkeys- fire! great!
cam- so good. i'm claiming it!
destroyer- 'a life of art and a life of mimicry... isthesamething!'
jesu- weepy hard rockers. turn that frown upside down!
growing- sensitive stoner much?
T.I.- if not for the nest single of the year alone!
walkmen- 'break out the bottles when i'm away. i'll dig a whole for all your friends!'
elvis perkins- i know he's all VH1 but i can't stop jamming this!
and the best record so far....

the islands!

this record is so epic! it's got this super huge quality to it. sweeping melodies on top of melodies. the range is shredding here too. i dunno, i think this is the 'ends' of a process, if the unicorns were a 'means'. i recommend starting with 'bucky little wing' and then repeating the album so you get track 1 right after. it's crazy how good it is. 'swans' is a wake-up/fall asleep jam. i think about that song constantly when i'm not hearing it! the one problem with the album is 'Where There's A Will There's A' has rapping on it. it's terrible. delete that track! but the rest is so strong you can't deny it. i'm saying!

killa season!

the new cam is good! rejoice! ok nothing's gonna be as good as purple haze, but this one has some fucking jams! 'he tried to play me' is stupid. i love it! 'leave you alone' is a jam! 'suck it or not' is pure comedy! ok so 7-8 of these songs came out already on tapes, but they hold up great together. 'IBS' is a wtf moment. uh, 'this is a true story'? classic! 'something new' is old too, but i'm saying. all together is is a fucking great jam session! minimal dipset cameos, and i'm not hating hell rell at all! he's getting good!

some omissions were weird though. just the remix for 'do your thing?' where's 'it's nothing'? 'royalty'?

anyway let's review what the grey lady had to say about it
fisrt line: "If you've never heard "Purple Haze," the 2004 CD by the Harlem rapper Cam'ron, then consider yourself lucky: you've got something to look forward to.'
last line: In an album full of threats, this is the scariest one: a drunk-on-language rapper threatening to shut up.'

ok so i agree with this review! sounds like this guy really likes cam'ron! even though the times should stay the fuck off the fader's web page, this review has it all. irritable bowels, and wet wipes!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


please nash beat this guy tonight! the only fun thing is rooting against kobe. villains in the playoffs! i want the spurs to go down too what can i say. as a knicks fan all you can do is hate at this point.

casual jams report

jesu- silver e.p.- i claim this to be one of the best releases of the year! i'm saying. maybe top 5. it's epic. exactly what i wanted coming off the last one. 4 songs. the first 2 are fucking KILLER. 10 minute heavy melodic jams that reminds me of ride at time. but only vocally. stosuy claims jawbreaker but i don't hear it here. dan claims they suck, and he's usually right, but i think he's wrong about this one. it's so SHREDDING! btw dan good luck on the tour dude! everyone go out and see excepter!

final- 3- i'm kinda still hung up on the jesu, but Justin Broadrick's side project is pretty good too! all 'ambient' jams. the titles are cheesy but this is the guy from godflesh c'mon! not a must-have but there are some beautiful moments here...

built to spill- you in reverse- yup! great! i love this band something fierec so this is no surprise. loving the weepy songs the most right off the bat. and the original treepeople cover art vibe. great!

streets- The Hardest Way To Make An Easy Living- of course i like this. this guy is a comedian! i loved 'a grand' and this is a totally satisfying follow up. 'All Goes Out The Window' is crazy. i could probably listen to this at any point during the day. wake up jams, works jams, and walk home from bar jams.

sorry i was into all these new jams. the positive vibes from these 4 record totally made my day. on a day i got hit by a truck! im serious! it was crazy!

Monday, May 01, 2006


the new walkmen. what can i say i've really been pining for this album. reports out of the gate were so-so. i was ready for the worst... or how bad it could've been. verdict? great! just... so great! mind you i was less into songs like 'the rat' and more into the weepy weird jams. this record is weepy. and weird. 'always after you' is fucking great. 'another one goes by' shreds really hard. in a non-shredding way. man i think i'm really gonna listen to this one a lot.

not unlike don cab's 'what burns never returns'- they were coming off that monster don caballero 2 record, and went in a stranger direction. the songs weren't hits, but i ended up listening to 'what burns' over and over and over. this new walkmen has that vibe to me. it's got a nice swagger to it, whatever you wnat to call it. imperfect recording, old amps, scratchy as hell vocals, and few peaks. i think that's a good thing! as if all the sarcasm and drinking has caught up with them... ham's still hung up on things. in between all the dream confessionals he still takes the time to give you the finger... 'i don't get some people, but i don't really try. what's good for you is good for me'...

in 4 years i want them to play the merc and have people go 'they're still around!? they had one good song once' and i'd say 'yup, you're still an asshole'.