Thursday, June 28, 2007


hate it. i know i know 23.6 points and 10.1 rebounds per game in 1006-07. this move will make thanksgiving dinner at the dolans' really thankful because they'll get into the first round of the playoffs. cha-ching! who cares that it's a sweep? no lottery pick again? no problem!

the blazers are gonna buy out francis' contract. why couldn't the knicks? and z-bo has 6 years left on his contract worth 61 million. ARGHH! this is exactly what the knicks should avoid! HUGE contracts with players who are either prone to injury or are one-dimensional.

z-bo has had micro-fracture surgery and can't block a shot to save his life. eddy curry has a heart condition and can't buy a block with all those millions. what a soft front line! dough-boys. can we get some toughness? please?

i kinda laugh at dickau on the team cause we finally have a fundamentally sound PG. fred jones proved he can shoot a little too. ok not complete garbage. but still. seeya nba finals til 2020...

also, the celtics now hold ray allen and allen ray on their team. smoke em if you got em!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

what a young, fresh face for the league!

and by 'young and fresh' i mean old and frankensteinish!

the countdown begins from today til thursday, possibly one of my favorite days of the year... draft day, son! fabolous is throwing a party with melo on thursday too. let's go!

will noah be a bust? yes. will the celtics get garnett? doubt it. will the knicks manage to mortgage even more of their future to bring mitch richmond out of retirement? probably.

i'm jealous of seattle or whoever gets durant. will the suns trade up? hoopshype is claiming they're dangling marion out there. danglers!

tomorrow superchunk is playing. i can't go. it hurts me.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

panda bear played on monday! i've been waiting months for it! did he live up to the [mile high] expectations?

the grey lady was there too! they reviewed it!

here's the low-fat version! it's 2007!

Monday, June 18, 2007

gang gang dance / ocrilim tour diaries on youtube. we miss you guys! come home soon!

and the real winner of the 2007 season is...

us! for having a player to call 'Boobie'! 'don't go there boobie!' 'run a play for boobie!' 'that ref is totally harshing on your boy boobie!'

did you guys see how not excited the spurs were to win? i looked more excited on line for pizza!

drew gooden has epic hair scenarios.

honestly, who watched all 4 games?

will the knicks trade up in the draft?

other clasic sports names are: coco crisp, shooty babbit, mookie blaylock, milton bradley, choo freeman, and michael jackson.

Monday, June 11, 2007

lil wayne's 'the carter 3' has been partially leaked! is it me or is he 'losing' it a little? listen to it and tell me he's he's not...

shoot it boobie, shoot it!

the NBA 2007 is dead to me. just give the trophy to manu again and hope that tony parker has practiced his rapping in the last month. MC solarr called...

what about arenas? i hate this 'he'll never be on a winning team' stigma. dude hits insane shots. sure, he's crazy but if you ask me all these guys are a little crazy. imagine being the tallest person in the room your whole life and training and training and having a dude in the stands with a hot dog hanging out of his mouth tell you that you're 'worthless'.

hope arenas goes to a winner. the knicks can't afford him, but that would be my F.A.N.T.A.S.Y.

Friday, June 01, 2007

animal collective is playing at the south st seaport tonight! only the best band ever in my mind, nbd. this graph is a waterscape. get it? get it?

when i was 22 i was waiting in line for foo fighters tickets.

this guy is scoring a gazzillion points in a row in the NBA playoffs. carmelo anthony is turning over in his grave!

all of the sudden a cavs/spurs finals seems interesting to me. i want lebron to school bruce bowen. i want lebron to school robert horry. not that i hate the spurs that much, but that team could use some personality.

btw that foo fighters show was great. it was at the bowery ballroom during CMJ right after 'the colour and the shape' came out and they played 'monkey wrench' first. the knicks were also only a year or two removed from the NBA finals. shit's done changed!