Wednesday, February 22, 2006

stevie wander

"This is a trade that we all feel makes us a better basketball team for both now and in the future," Thomas said in a news release announcing the deal. "In Steve, we add an All-Star caliber player to our team without giving up core assets that are key to our future."

"Acquiring a player of Steve's level and talent is very exciting for this team," Brown said. "In him, we have added a veteran that could help us in many areas, and assist with our young players' development."

ok so i've been bitching abvout this trade for weeks, but now that we got stevie without dealing crawford or lee or nate is kind of a coup. albeit everyone knows we should've let penny walk, but this is from an owner who shipped patrick ewing out for luc longley and glen rice! obviously dolan wants to spend, and whatever. let's try to make the best out of it.

francis and marbury will be weird, but at least they're both proven players, with a lot more to prove. i won't judge this trade til tomorrow when we find out which stiff we get for crawford or lee. joel pryzbilla? i don't think theo's coming here. thankfully. the list of free agents this summer is fucking impressive. chauncey [ain't going anywhere], bibby, vince, rashard, and 'the truth'. man if isiah could land PP that would be the funniest, most expensive team to miss the playoffs!

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i'm on record as thinking this knicks team will be insanely bad. but at least it will be INSANE!! bring back doug moe! bring back doug moe! is don nelson available?

quoth isiah (1:21)