Sunday, February 12, 2006

he was also good on that show 'a different world'

this guy is so real! the I.Q.! the stability! the focus! really. the knicks/heat rivaly has long passed. it's weird to see reilly pulling the strings for the heat cause i was sure he had the knicks going forward. the heat knicks clash was great.

aaanyway wade's shit on sunday was just sick! he just took over the game in the 4th.... 17 strait points to come back and beat the best team in the nba by 2 points. all on jumpers it seemed! it was kind of crazy to watch. his finishing line: 37/8/4. season? 27/6/7. throw in 2 steals and a block with 8 FTM per. uh...

but you have to give it to kobe and wade as two dudes who will just come though in the clutch. it's crazy. wade let's see these antics in the playoffs... i know it's only his third year but this team is built to win now. i'm a fan! christ rooting for the heat. what happened? also... f kobe no big deal.

good to see the bro's tonight. big up big b, schmizz, k douche, win-ton, virge and PK. i've been emo! not memo! not wemo! just emo... i think i have a chocolate hangover from all those M&M's

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