Tuesday, February 07, 2006

i secured a room in the castle, it paid for itself

thanks sandy for hooking me up with the jams, 'destroyer's rubies' was worth the wait completely! not better than 'this night' or 'streethawk' but it's been stuck on repeat in the stoods for the last 3 days. pretty strait-forward, care-free, and subtley super heavy. of course i like the first track the best, it's a 9 minute 27 second banger. 'the sketchy crowd shows me drawings, they're alright... you disrupt the world's disorder by the virtue of your grace, you know. i didn't want to go, but leave i must'. i really have trouble discussing this guy objectively cause i'm such a fan! you might not like it at first. or maybe even the 20th listen. but on the 21st his songs will fuck up your miiind. "you can huff. you can puff, but you can never destroy that... stuff. finally i see why i'm supposed. kids you better change your feathers cause you'll never fly with those... things." this guy's no genius but you have to stop and think about it for a sec... A-/B+

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Anonymous said...

haha your wrong though im sorry to say but that man is a genius