Monday, February 13, 2006

"i told you trap or die. if you didn't trap, kill yourself! " and/or "let my nuts hang like a sony flatscreen"

man talk about a lifesaver! it was mope-lympics for me all weekend and i decided to put the boots on and try to find the new jeezy. SCORE! it's candy! man this gangster grillz series is great! i'm only 5 tracks into it and i'm declaring it an A-/B+. some good comedy here. but jeezy could've taken a deeper cut at 50. that track isn't funny enough! and why is jeezy so hung up on his critics? who cares?

is it better than 'title'? nah 'title' is fucking great, but it's right up there! the next one i'm waiting for is the wayne/juelz tape that they're calling 'i can't feel my face' haha i can't spend that $4 fast enough!

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