Saturday, February 25, 2006

casual record review feb 25 2006!

whoops i thought i had all 'the carter collection' material so i passed it up last week. uh, there's a lot of new wheezy here! reebok put some money into this so all the songs are mastered well, and sound fucking great! what can i say? fuckit what can i say i'm psyched on this CD. it's even got 'shooters'... the leno sesh! and more tender jams! 'do what you what you do'? 'boom bap'? so good! i think i already like this as much as his gangster grillz... is that weird?

southen smoke 24. yup! another good one! it starts off great with some fired-up jams. the usual cast: wayne, jeezy, three 6, paul wall, etc. the kryptonite remix is crazy too. sometimes these comps are a bit hectic for me, but i like all the southern smoke i have, which isn't much. i prefer the wayne but i could change my mind tomorrow. oui!

watch my moves 3. i bought this for cam's new jams. wet wipes is a little funny. i'm not a fan of sex songs but any cam is good cam pretty much. i guess it's kinda embarrassing for him that jay-z didn't respond to all that bullshit. sort of like kmart and tim thomas. this disc isn't as good as the other 2 but whatever. i'm not that mad. it's casual!

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