Friday, February 24, 2006

report! toosh!

Ubl reviewed the battles re-issue today!

first line: "There are few bands I'm more willing to give the benefit of the doubt than Battles."
last line: "Surprise has so far been their only guarantee."

surprise? now, i've been a fan of ian williams for forever it seems. tyondai's solo stuff is great, i actually have the lynx stuff and i like 'strap it on' by helmet. an 8.0? hmm... i would say more like 7.2. c'mon with these guys' pedigrees i have to admit i was expecting more when these EP's came out. they're good, i will buy anything they do, and i will tell my friends to see them.

i think poitchfork is fine most of the time, but if destroyer just got a 8.5 a few days ago, and today battles gets a 8.0, i'd tell the writers over there to get some walkie talkies and confer about their ratings system. i have an idea: just review the record and fuck the number bullshit! the review gets a 5.6.

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