Monday, July 30, 2007

bishop allen put out an LP! 'the broken string' is a collection of some of the jams from the EP's and 3 new ones. is it any good?


KG: i'm here assholes!
paul pierce: sweet!
ray allen: sweet!
KG: your boy al jefferson looks like frankenstein
paul pierce: duder, he was sick. you better bring 25/10 cause that's what we let walk...
KG: chuzzill paul, i'm the #1 ranked fantasy player!
ray allen: real talk!
paul pierce: are we gonna kill it this year or are we gonna kill it?
ray allen and KG: WE'RE GONNA KILL IT!
KG: can we go to NY on off days and go to flashdancers? boston kinda sucks.
ray allen: i know, what's the deal with the bars closing so early.
KG: do i have to call you jesus, ray?
ray allen: that would be nice. ihey you guys wanna come over and watch my movie?
KG: not really.
paul pierce: my nickname is the worst out of all of us.
KG: you want the 'truth'? i'm gonna take a crap on the entire eastern conference!
ray allen and paul pierce: YAAAAY

Saturday, July 28, 2007

finally got that jesu / eluvium vinyl only split.

dude's head 'splodes at the end!

spoon put out 'ga ga ga ga ga' a few weeks ago. how does it stand up to their others? how is spoon as a band anyway?

Tim Donaghy... refgate. is anyone actually surprised?

Kobe: "dude let me get to the line"
Tim: "nah... you've been a dick to me for years."
Kobe: "i'm motherfucking kobe bryant!"
Tim: "i'm motherfucking tim donaghy!"
Kobe: "fair enough. what's it gonna take?"
Tim "i answer to a higher power kobe, no dice"
Kobe: "who says 'no dice' anymore"
Tim: "gimme money"
Kobe: "done and done."

Friday, July 20, 2007

i heard jeremy blake passed away.

which is crazy for me to even think about. he's the one who recited poetry before nation of ulysess shows, and on their record. he also was a rad artist. it's just really sad.

gang gang dance tour diary #7. comedy!