Monday, October 31, 2005



i got my league pass on, stat tracker order in, and my headband all geared up!

time to shred the 05 06 season bioootches


finished my 3 drafts! i got ron artest in the 3rd round of an 11 team roto league! then he went in the second round in a 9 team league! WTF! i'm think he's gonna go for 22/7/5 with a couple 3's and steals a night. optimistic? fuckit the dude is insanely good! and angry! i'm also psyched on james jones and iggy this year. people also sleep on kyle korver. dude is so much better than Q and damon jones. and i actually see eddy curry rebounding this year. i do!

Friday, October 28, 2005

irene thinks sam cassell looks like this guy from new edition

have you ever done a goodle image search for 'sam cassell'. brutal!

is isiah racialist?

who knows why he's so hell bent on getting darius. they guy plays no D! at least the blazers are willing to take our players AND they're willing to trade the 05 vanilla gorilla. so why doesn't zeke go after him!? pryzilla would shred at the 4 for us!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

can you tell i'm ready for my 2 fantasy drafts this weekend?

i'm gonna kill it and take james jones in the 3rd round. fuck desond mason! what, all of the sudden he's clyde drexler cause he gets 3 more shots a game?

then again... i was amped on this team too

i am weirdly feeling this team

yeah, that's a barnes/ariza split shot. you like my photoshop skills? i'd rather have ariza starting but he'll get his minutes. fuck quentin richardson. antonio is a nice it at the 4. i hear they're shopping malik and mo, which is fine by me, but i do not want patterson or miles. the sight of miles and Q doing their frat 'i got brains' fist-head-bumps together again is lame. i say package crawford, malik, and some guy with a tiny contract like lee, for someone who can play D. that's all i want. wait. that mean the other team would have to take back like, a zillion dollars. fuck the salary cap!

AJ is a winner only because he likes buffett

have you seen the itunes celebrity playlist? good looking out wildman holy shit these dudes are weird. of course widger likes 'even flow' and buerhle gets down to godsmack, but marte with 'oops i did it again'? iguchi with g n r? iguchi? willie harris and dye said T.I... that's booorrring, you know they just want to come off rad but they really listen to E.L.O.

K is psyched on the toby keith shouts [bags and springer]. does gallo get made fun of cause he likes the killers?

no wonder it was such a crappy series!

Monday, October 24, 2005

best style award

goes to the big silly.


it's funny when you're surfing the interweb and you see a pic of one of your homies from 10 years ago. melo is wildman's favorite player. or is it shaq?

i'm hating on this guy already

yeah, that's a scarface t-shirt outside a long-sleeved shirt.

hang with Steinbrenner just to get my cash turned, call my car Jamal the way it got mashed, burned.

"His manager described Cam's demeanor in the hospital as jovial, and said Cam even asked for his nurse's phone number."

pau got all 'cherokee parks' in the off-season

check out my sweet team

i got c webb in the 9th round bitches

Saturday, October 22, 2005

too many cheeseburgers


this guy needs a nickname asap

ok he had 15 turnovers last night but dude looks insanely pumped. when was the last time the knicks had a PG who RAN up the court and broke down the d to PASS off to a fwd? never! that's when! i know coach won't play frye and lee much, but hopefully he gets n rob in there to run around the court. last night on MSG they kept cutting from nate to spud webb footage. sick!

i read in an interview that the most common dis he hears on the road is 'gary coleman'. ok that's a pretty decent dis but dude's gonna carry us in the 4th just wait.

Friday, October 21, 2005

jerome james is gonna suck i think

i kinda think david lee is gonna be sick though. dude crashes the boards.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

it doesn't say anything about these big-ass belts

"The NBA announced its dress code for players Monday, instituting a "business casual" policy for team and league events starting this season."

Monday, October 17, 2005

nice suit

au revoir

"Knicks guard Allan Houston has set up a Monday afternoon news conference where he plans to announce his retirement from the NBA, ESPN reports. Chronic knee pain forced Houston to appear in just 70 games over the past two seasons. The veteran wanted to try to test his knee in camp before making a decision on his future."

i want to hate the dude but i don't. ok so he made $100 mil and prevented us from signing ANYBODY. which is a blessing in disguise cause we would've had brain grant. booo. he did also ruin the franchise for a decade by hitting one shot against the heat. that stupid shot. but look at the upside- he gave himself the worst nickname ever and he was in a movie with raekwon. i guess that's about it.