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Cap'n Jazz getting back together? Bobby? Tim? Is this true?

King Midas Sound "Waiting For You" review. Use the link!

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

This never gets old. Thanks Leo!

I agree!

How many blog posts with the title "A.I. is not the answer" are there?

How are we gonna find out if Gallinari is Kyle Korver lite, if AI takes his shots?

How are we gonna find out if Toney Douglas is Lavar Postell: The Sequel, if AI takes all his minutes?

How are we gonna find out if Nate Rob can rap, if AI takes all his verses?

Though Larry Hughes will be stoked, vintage Sixers-wise.

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"The Last 10 Years of Music" today in the paper...

There's a pdf of it here

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top 3 records of 2009! Revised! (paste the link)