Tuesday, January 30, 2007

there goes my 'totally boshome 2' fantasy team

jamison goes down! all the ballers are going down! it looked bad... hope it's just a week thing and not a ligament strain. sheesh. do you think agent zero can shoot 8 more shots a game now? yup!

the cavs look gross. they're quickly turning into the pistons or the spurs. boring as fuck! and they're not even that good!

jamal crawford should just not shoot in the first half.

shreddie jones goes back to the heat! making the average age on that team 65!

when the fuck is marvin williams gonna pick it up?

mike bibby looks like shit. that team is a mess. ARTEST! [fist in air]

i'm holding brevin knight, villanueva, and marvin williams on my 'bad miller' fantasy team. waiting waiting waiting til they start picking it up [or playing at all]

the warriors will be hilarious to watch when j rich comes back.

when did mo williams become a borderline all-star?

alvin williams got cut by the clips! remember when he was good?

'this is kobe bryant, and when i'm not dropping 40 plus points i'm listening to HOT97' patrick ewing is rolling over in his grave...

the new clap your hands came out!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


the last 2 boykins nba posts: rudy gay and eddy curry. and they both go down on wednesday!

ok so curry went down with a [some say] minor and [some say] significant quad injury. gay? who knows. he logged 7 minutes.

let's see if this curse thing is true. i'm throwing mike miller up there.

the knicks can't play d... they had the suns on the ropes for 2 quarters. then the knicks turned into the knicks. anyone see nate's line? horror show! jamal played well, but jamal playing well [and logging minutes] means the team loses more times than not. not mad at his dimes last night, but he can't run an efficient offensive to save his life.

anyone see that nike nba spot with juelz? if i see another 'the right stuff' 'resevior dogs' treatment i'm gonna barf, but juelz is hilarious. dude can barely rap, yet he's totally not annoying to listen to!

someone make a good nba commercial please? remember those method man nike 'love them/hate them' spots? the jordan slo-mo 'water spilling over the sink' commercials? where did that good shit go? it's 2007!

the espn magazine ads with camby going, 'THAT'S MY ESPN THE MAGAZINE' were good too.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

tickets! some major shows coming up... and they're all gonna sell out. am i missing anything? i think the dog tickets just went on sale!

my first favorite song of the year!


i've always been on the fence regarding of montreal. on one hand they're possibly the most annoying band ever. other the other hand, it's kinda catchy

his name undoubtably makes most sports fans uncomfortable

rudy gay is starting to play for the grizzlies! and he's putting in work! he does a little of everything! steals... blocks... rebounds... threes... dimes... and turnovers

it's fun watching him and roy get their nba legs under them. bargnani too! not a shitty draft at all! i have hope for tyrus thomas as some weird gerald wallace type player, but he's already in skiles' doghouse.

danny ganger is playing well now too. maybe he's the one to walk out from the smoke of that trade. give him minutes and he produces!

al jefferson and ryan howard on the phillies... separated at birth?

eddy curry is the hardest working center in the east. and also the dimmest! 'i'll stand here for the rebound. doh!' 'i'll follow that guy out of the paint. 'DAH!'

melo and AI look sick together. i give them 2 losses in the row to start barking back at the media.

even with AI the nuggs will still get shredded by the spurs, mavs, and suns.

jason kidd is fucking retarded. what is it at, 8 triple doubles!?

the knicks look like poo without marbury. jamal crawford is a turnover/bad shot waiting to happen. i hardly remember the sick stretches he had on the bulls. jamal look at some tape dude! 'iso' isn't the only play in the book! love the last-shot confidence, hate the 3-10, 5 turnover lines right before the shot.

is it me or does ray allen look bored and/or super frustrated? i mean, there was barely a chest bump or butt slap during his huge game last night. dude is a treat to watch... if only he was on a better team...

mark jackson is fucking hilarious calling games. not mad!

Thursday, January 18, 2007


steph's been politicking for eddy's inclusion in the all-star game. and giving him new nick names 'eddy's as big as an entire zip code'. true story!

he should be considered. i mean, Z? al jefferson? zo? there are just no dominant centers in the east. where are the days of smits and ewing? and... zo! 65-63 eastern conference finals scores, son!

looks like golden state gave up on dunleavy, a truly bad 3rd overall pick. but sean livingston might claim that title soon!

hoopshype is already claiming dunleavy for maggette. the pacers would be psyched!

watch troy murphy start playing like troy murphy. if [when] jermaine goes down watch out for 17/12 and a three!

al harrington must be psyched to run now.

what the fuck is the deal with marvin williams?

what the fuck is the deal with jason kapono!

how terrible are those reebok ads? 'you're not a fool, are you?' i know they don't of the wieden and kennedy budget, but how did the execs over there let this one pass? 'YOU WERE FOOLED' ugh. cringe worthy! KG! get on a better team and get better commercials! they all suck!

who's more of a fantasy headache? drew gooden or boris diaw?

maybe we all over rated iggy?

i hate arenas' new nick name

Sunday, January 14, 2007

another installment of NBA poems

earl got traded! and he started off his bucks career with a double double! since JR went to NBA siberia after madison square gardengate, earl has been chucking and hitting jumpers like it was his job. but it wasn't! now he's the man running the show in milwaukee and i'm looking for him up his assist average. respect! seriously check out his stat line for the last month. like a poor man's melo!

yao going down sucked. but it's nice to see dikimbe back to rebounding and waving his finger. who sounds more like the cookie monster: dikembe or jarrod collins?

what's up in seattle? luke got benched!? and ray is shooting like shit from 3. but at least collison aka white frankentein is showing signs.

dirk is basically my favorite player in the nba. with no disrespect to 5'5" point guards.

the suns look crazy. amare's fully back. man it's great to be 16 years old.

loving the 3 PG's. deron, raymond and paul. hope paul comes back soon. the hornets really ate shit what with injuries.

brandon roy looks like a player.

mike miller looks like a fat, hairy, alfred e newman who shoots a sick 3PT%

the east is pathetic, but i kinda love it.

the knicks are looking great! i mean, who was expecting anything? ok i was kinda. but with Q back and lee coming off the bench, this team is all of the sudden really deep. lee will get his when Q goes down again, but i'm liking this rotation. ok maybe jeffries is playing too much and nate is playing period, but i think zeke is doing work over there. no trades zeke! if you must do anything. try to get a pick! but i'm not even worried about that. i just want this same team on the court next year [maybe sans the 'franchise', but i don't hate him either].

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

uh. this is blowing my mind [it doesn take much when it comes to cam]


scooped by the fader.com blog!

dude is a mess!

"The Record of Bergen County reported Tuesday that Jason Kidd accused his wife of mistreating their three children and filed a domestic violence complaint Monday in state Superior Court in Hackensack."

filed a complaint? what the fuck? and then he asks for the media's 'respect' in not asking him about it? sheesh figure out what you want, guy. you wanna smear jummamma? mission accomplished! 'see? she deserved to get hit!'

ok that was out of line.

southern conference #4 feat. yo gotti! the first great tape of the year? close, but there's not enough exclusive stuff?

full disclosure. i ride for black dice and dan from excepter is a major dude. they both played bowery ballroom last sat with sightings.