Friday, February 24, 2006

i'll make it wintatime

sanneh has been jamming hard this week. let's take a look to see how wrong/right he is.

first, 'you can't ban the snowman'

first line: "Young Jeezy's latest CD isn't a sequel to "Let's Get It: Thug Motivation 101", his mesmerizing album from last year."
last line: People "say I can't rap and they might be right," he announces, shrugging off the insult for the same reason he wears a diamond-encrusted snowman chain: because he can afford to."

ok the piece was shortl and this is basically half the review. yeah, basically i gather K is saying that this guy's LP was great, this tape is just good. some jokes. the review gets 3.5 mics. hey! it's short!

second, yesterday he wrote about 'destroyer's rubies'

first line: "Daniel Bejar is the Vancouver singer-songwriter who performs as Destroyer."
last line: "You can almost imagine Mr. Bejar shushing his characters ("Quiet, Ruby, someone's coming"), ushering them off the page and back into the songs."

this is one of k's better reviews. but i really don't know cause i skip all this martnia mcbride/papoose pieces. k is generally a dubious critic, but he has some jams. the review gets 5 mics.

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