Friday, June 30, 2006

little ones/say hi to your mom/dirty on purpose report

the little ones pt deux last night. they were much much better! more drunk? less drunk? second time? the rain? who knows. they seemed much more relaxed and went for it. good show! i wonder what they'll be like on sat? i won't be there which sucks cause elvis perkins is so rad! someone go and tell me about it!

say hi to your mom. hating. dull. i hear the record's good so i'll give it a chance, but really. imagine pedro the lion but more boring and with a very disinterested singer. and i'm a pedro fan! yuck. i know some people like them [who also like madonna shows and the new x-tina/premier jam] so i'll give them the benefit of the doubt. maybe it'll be better nbxt time.

dop. there's elements i love. great [GREAT] drummer, awesome 90's shoegaze-y guitar sound. LOUD guitar sound. epic guitar shredding 3 minutes into every song. really nice chord progressions. the only downfall his the whispery vocals, but what're you gonna do... i bet the album is really good. earl says oui. not OUI or oui! but, just, oui.

go see dop and say hi to your mom on tour. 5 weeks! viva indie rock circa 2000!

oi vey

Details are surfacing about Minnesota Timberwolves' Eddie Griffin and his recent automobile accident in a convenient store parking lot; and they're not pretty.
He was allegedly driving drunk and masturbating to a porn DVD when the accident occurred. He was then caught on video tape staggering around the convenient store, telling people he was drunk and that he didn't want to go to jail. Officers took him home, reportedly without issuing any sobriety tests and a civil suit has been filed against Griffin and the city of Minneapolis. Griffin has undergone alcohol abuse treatment in the past, so it will be interesting to see how this ends.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

ro knows

so the knicks get balkman. whatever williams would've been nice but i really don't care that much about him. he have too many guards to take him anyway. great guys. great. i'm just so over getting mad at the knicks. sure balkman would've been a FA pickup, as no one had him on their charts. isiah's done well in the past so let's see, but nothing about this guy seems more than just a practice stand-in.

the 2nd pick? collins? a guard? HAHA GREAT! great going guys! doh!

let's just take the wait-and-see approach guys. no freakouts. let's take a look at the bright side. we have 3 very promising 2nd year players, 3 former all-stars, and an underachieving C who has a little bit of 'upside' left. i tiny bit. a shred. can't wait!

is it me

or does this guy have 'bust' written all over him?


was what he said. the bassist of the little ones at the merc last night. embarrassing, i know, but this is just their 11th show. have you heard their EP? it's crazy! crazy great! totally nervous dudes, frantically drinking shots and tuning shiny guitars. but this band is totally great. 4 months i give them for a bowery sell out. i'm going back to see them tonight! you have to kind of try to not like this band i think... more silverlake music please!

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

and with the 20th pick

the knicks take josh boone!

i wouldn't mind a defensive FC. he averaged 10pts and only 7rebs his last year at UCONN, but the 2 blocks is nice.ugh a .500 FT%. but i'd like the knicks to get a frontline player who likes to bang no homo. but his comparison? brian grant!? haha here we go... what are you gonna do? it's the 20th pick!

"... his ship to crash. His ship."

hahahaha what a joke. did you guys see that 'press conference' with dolan and isiah? the problem is that dolan, who spent years supporting layden, expects isiah to improve this team in a year. from 23-59? i would fucking hope so! but isiah will take this team to 30 wins in his sleep, and dolan will say, 'look at the imporvement!'.

my question to dolan is this: what's 'improvement'? 10 wins? 20 wins? an 8th seed in the playoffs? a first round sweep? the conference finals? what if isiah sits put and keeps his expiring contracts? and just lets them go? what if he has two seasons of 25 win ball and loads up on draft picks. what if he passes on lebron? what if he saves the money, tries to get NEAR the salary cap, and starts loading up on gritty journeymen like, say, anthony mason or john starks. remember those guys james? i think they were good.

what team who wins 23 games has a press conference like this? none! dolan is inept, insane, and basic. oh, and rich. jay-z will you please buy the knicks?

Monday, June 26, 2006

i blame shaq

for this disaster. let riley wave and smile and remain dignified. 'who wants to see pat riley dance?' NOBODY!

for whatever reason you thought

bill simmons sucked, check out his new column

holy shit BS rules!

updated top 10 6/26/06

ok this is strictly some boykins shit. i know i know if i was writing for the grey lady the list would be completely different, but this is my interweb and i get to cry if i want to.

10. walkmen- have you seen the loiusiana vid?
9. streets- what can i say this guy is hilarious.
8. TV on the radio- love the stolen jams. TVT you better put this record out soon, everyone's already got it.
7. destroyer- yeah rubies is that good.
6. yo gotti gangser grillz- drama is so good. heavy jams. raps like avery johnson would rap.
5. TI- it's his year i guess. major verses on this record. the choruses get annoying but it's still amazing. it's just downhill from here buddy.
4. band of horses- an amazing record
3. jesu- love it love it love it
2. sonic youth- that record is so solid. crappy. good. embarrassing. cool. me likes.
1. islands. yup still think this record is amazing. other than that fucking rap song. WHYEE? it'll drop to 2 by the end of the year i bet...

fell off the list: killa season. growing. elvis perkins. arctic monkeys
on the bubble: wayne/drama dedication 2. mono [it'll get here]

ok ok another new boykinsa tradish

since the finals are over and the nba news is few and far between, i'm now gonna start casually responding to the front page rumor section of but just the splash page.

arenas to bolt washington? really? man i know a TON of team that could use him, but does he have the 'shoot first' stigma? he's a head case for sure. remember on golden state the press thought he was shoot too much and he decided not to take a shot til the last minute of the game? uh, doesn't he make $800,000 a game or something?

iverson to boston!? for who? pierce and jefferson? whack. ai stay in philly

raps will deal villanueva!? yes! please isiah make a move now! this guy looks like caveman lawyer! no seriously, i'm a charlie V fan! i think we're looking at a solid 14 pts, 7 rebs, 1 three and 1 block from this guy! i'd give up just about anything other than frye, only out of principle cause the raps took CV right before frye in the draft, and we were all stoked on that. remember?

Friday, June 23, 2006

i declare this band as major

got the new mono! Palmless Prayer / Mass Murder Refrain. it's more of a soundtrack than anything, but this summer is all about mono [and band of horses and rick ross]. ah! there's so much good music out now! mono's the fix i've been looking for since the rodan/rachels chicago era. really weepy triumphant beautiful stuff. it's epic. subway rides listening to mono feeling weird. yup i'm that corny.

so this one ain't nearly as good as 'walking cloud' or 'pipal tree' but it's a reminder of how shredding this band is. i missed then at N6 but i heard it was bananas.

hey! who's going to the blue cheer show at N6 tonight?

shitty draft

look at this espn consensus mock draft. if there was any year that the knicks would forfeit their #2 pick it would be this one. i mean, morrison looks like a 14/7 guy maybe. tyrus thomas disappeared at times. man, talk about the misuse of the concept of 'upside'. todd day anyone? bargnani is an interesting pick, and i year the raps might go for him [with their new euro asstant GM]. rudy gay looked fine. marcus williams might be chris child pt deux. JJ will be fine, or maybe he'll be a kapono/casey jacobsen clone. i know i know. stop comparing him to other prolific, white, ncaa bombers. but redick is a, well, prolific, white, ncaa bomber! obviously no stunners in this year's draft.

but there will be a gfew all-stars in this bunch. there always is. a marion, amare, or wade. fuck all this talk that riley knew what he had in wade. no one knew! sure he had a nice run at marquette but to predict this? its 25% scouting and 75% luck. hopefully the knicks will trade up and do something interesting. isiah has a boner for the draft. he'll try something.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

peter macia reviewed deication 2 today

1st line: 'The cover of Dedication 2 shows Lil Wayne, eyes closed, the words “Fear God” inked on his lids.
last line: 'What remains to be seen is whether he can convince the rest of us.'

and goes on to give the record an 8.1. i give the record a 7.5. i give the review a 7.0. i agree wayne is probably one of the greatest active right now, but this tape is just good. i think wayne just to prolific. he waters himself down.... if dedication 1 was the standard, this one is a little sub-par. still great, but wayne set the bar high. at least macia gave drama credit, who's kind of crazy these days. everything he touches is amazing, except for that pharrel tape, which is giant stinky turd. macia does say [about drama] that 'he’s killing the mixtape game right now'. slang like that on pitchfork makes me cringe. i don't know why. just on pitchfork...

but dedication 2 being 'the year's most vital mixtape'? hm, i'd take the w carter collection over this [was that this year?]. the yo gotti gangster grillz for sure. what am i forgetting? any of the southern smokes? the pimp C one? still waiting for that fucking juelz/wayne tape! that's gonna be funny as hell! the jokes!

at least don chaney's not the coach

so the other foot dropped. great. what a waste of a season. larry, i still believe, thought he was doing the right thing in the long term. i think he was trying to teach these guys a lesson about teamwork and defense. and it didn't work. right away. and larry has nothing else to blame but his stubborness. if marbury wants to shoot more and we're losing? let him shoot more! if you call matt barnes your starter, stick with him for more than a week! anyway this is like beating a dead horse. i hear rumors that MJ wants larry in charlotte. good luck over there!

now zeke is the coach. ok bring it on isiah. these are your players... all-stars, young hotshots and veterans. i expect nothing less than a .500 season. i really do. make a trade or two, and get us within sniffing distance of the 8th seed. that's all we ask for. not a conference finals series, just progress. do it.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

possibly the gayest picture ever?

toosh report! 6/21/06!

sanneh's review of the band of horses show!

first line: ""Ridin'," the hip-hop hit by Chamillionaire and Krayzie Bone, was blasting through the club speakers."
last line: "No big deal.'

first of all stop ruining slang. second, sanneh mentions that 'No doubt some fans were wondering why he seemed so cheerful'. you mean one fan? a certain 5'5" backup PG for the nuggets? i think the rest of the crowd was thoroughly psyched! and i was even jamming! kinda. i dispute this review. the crowd was totally vibing off Bridwell's slack goofiness. and it was your standard sold out first show at the BB. but they had sanneh at the opening bar of 'ridin'. what show are we at? is this a dream? or did the band know something?

shandon anderson: 1 patrick ewing: 0

so there it is. the heat go on to win 4 strait and beat the mavs. the last game was close. the refs blew some calls and then tried to give them back. dirk fouled wade by running into his flying elbow. traveling on that last miami offensive rebound? the refs have to get it together. but then again, the mavs shouldn't let the refs be in a position to alter the outcome of the game. they just looked overmatched against wade. insane that guy is. but dirk is just as good, but maybe not as clutch. you really can't fuck with either team at this point. they blazed through the spurs, pistons, and suns. respect.

would've loved to see game 7 and aver johnson dancing at the parade, but oh well. it was a great series anyway. i guess...

rick ross report

my last one. hopefully. last night he played the fader jam sesh and surprizingly showed up in the middle of the heat game! wtf! anyway it was a train wreck to start it off. obviously everyone was waiting for one song. i wonder which song that was? and he played it. three times! you know it's coming, you know what it's gonna be like, and it was still amazing! like watching classic games on espn. i know larry's gonna hit that 4 pt play, but even though i've seen it a million times, i still get choked up and jump around. yes. the jam was epic. totally worth it.

so three days after i declared rick ross the jammer of the summer, i kinda proclaim him as over. i dunno. hopefully not, but if you can't get a roomfull of drunk girls, in the summer, on a boat psyched on more than just one song that's a sign.

also, jay-z was there! he did his own verse from the remix! then he stole my portable tv and disappeared in a cloud of smoke yelling 'n-e-t-s! nets! nets! nets!'

Monday, June 19, 2006


what the fuck was with that intro to the game last night? the chronicles of riddick glasses? fuck! miami sucks. even though wade is gangster, shaq is funny, and rick ross lives there. last night's game was a doozie. coulda gone either way. with stack? you gott think the mavs would've taken it, but all they have to do is hold court. they can do it. it won't be easy with wade going off right now, but it's do-able. still the mavs' to lose...

fat joe? didn't he get dropped yet? i hoped he saved some of his money!

also how good is that montage at the beginning of the games? i get choked up!

casual mixtape review 6/19/06

'the rule'r? amazing! i declare 'hustlin'' the summer anthem [along with scott's solo jam 'i hope you find love at the end of your day']! ok ok i know 'hustlin'''s been out since the winter but why not? all the nerds are freaking out on it! and the remix with jay and jeezy? christ! rick ross' weird face is on EVERY tape on canal st it seems. this is the 'port of miami' prequel, and it kinda rules. sure he isn't the best rapper and he doesn't have the most interesting voice, but there's something about him i think is funny. his really slow delivery? or maybe the production is just good. the track with nore is crazy! the beat is my fantasy! 8-bit nintendo! this is a good tape!

more tape reviews coming soon cause i just got a new laptop. i've had the yo gotti gangster grillz CD stuck in my laptop for months. sucks!

Sunday, June 18, 2006


stu really blew it on this one! maybe it was an executive call from stern. makes you wonder if the league is really pulling for the heat, which makes a ton of sense when you think how much they want to market the shit out of wade. i just don't know how the league office can look at the foul, over and over, knowing it was already called a flagrant, and suspend stack.

even without stack i think the mavs can still beat the heat, but marquis has to show up like he did at the end of last year. remember that? he was supposed to be josh howard pt deux. it's gonna be a sick game!

bland of horses

friday they played the bowery and it wasn't all bad i guess. well, i was expecting a heavy sesh based off their record, which is kind of amazing. but dude got up there and and clowned around too much. K maybe thought he was on crystal meth [seattle bro] but i think he's just a goofy dude, delivering all his lines half-laughing. the drummer was painfully boring too. but the songs are still good, and even the newer jams sounded really promising. i dunno. i went from loving this band to not caring much after this show. maybe they'll be great next time around, but this time they looked kinda bewildered. or maybe too vain?

Thursday, June 15, 2006


let's go the mavs are the better team by far. obviously we'd all like to see the series go 7, but the danger of that is that it gives riley that much more of a chance to win another ring. and zo. fuckin zo. i want dirk to bring the trophy back to berlin and have the world take notice that drinking beer and being really weird pays off! no rapping this year during the parade thank you! unless damp has some verses he'd like to share. fuck i bet marquis does. and stack. christ.

'casual SY review revisted' or 'deep thoughts'

ok so i've been listening to the new sonic youth and i still stand by my first review, but i decided they also might suck.

don't get me wrong! best active band out? maybe? they've had 3 seperate careers! the SST days, the DGC MTV days, and now the 'older dudes major label' days. i have to admit i like them without o'rourke, but they walk that fine line of 'art' and 'bullshit'. i can admit that. 'what a waste. you're so chaste. i can't wait... to taste your face.' 'it's a perfect sin. close your eyes and lose the rest. it's a perfect sin. close your mind and feel the best.' 'in your mouth a wad of cash. moist roll of hundreds. fingers through your hair. silver quarters drop.' hmmm....

now, i know. i went to art school too. we can bring out all the texts and weird primitivism coffee talk, but at times this record is corny! but i love it! as if they're talking about some reverse process shit. we all know they can write killer one-liners, and they choose to go the rhyming dictionary route. i guess that's the statement. the music being so tight certainly helps, and there are highs on this record that are rare for this band. as if they were like, 'ok let's just go for the progression people want. but let's see if we can pull off these retarded lyrics!'

again, this record shreds.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

sweaty pits, nyc filth, and jams!

2 new records by new yorkers!

sonic youth rather ripped- believe the reviews! this record is insanely good! but before you pass judgement on any new SY record you kind of have to backtrack.

bad moon rising, evol, sister, daydream, etc. amazing. perfect. ok. lets's start with goo. not a huge huge fan but there were moments. too cool and not beautiful enough for me. dirty? loved it! experimental jet set? loved it too! washing machine? oui! that doug aitkens track at the end!? 'diamond sea'? crazy! a thousand leaves? good. getting distracted. ok. NYC ghosts and flowers? a little zzz. Murray st? great! songs again! sonic nurse? not as good as murray st. and now rather ripped? fucking awesome! beautiful guitar riffs, 4 minutes songs, weirdness, etc. yeah, this is good. they have a song called 'jams run free' on there!

i get weird about this band. the best band on earth? i was that kid with the goo shirt and a stack of zines. and the dirty mike kelly baseball tee. i dunno. i find them major in a tear-y eyed way. recently i wrote in some magazine that 'teenage riot' was the best song ever. i stand by that shit!

tvotr- Return To Cookie Mountain- latter day sonic youth tribute band? no! maybe. anyway this is great too. there are some amazing moments what can i say? 'province'? a summer jam! congrats to them i think they could've tanked, but they just got better! there's some shit going on here... oui!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

getting older, fatter, and barely remembering it

we had the K/nocito throw down birthday bash last night, and if i've learned anything it's to not try to outdrink 2 dudes who are both 7 feet tall. well, meneguar played and they fucking rule. i declare them good! i dunno what more to say about them other than they make me wish i was still playing music. i also like how they just shredded through 7 songs and ended it! or was it jason pumping jeezy into the PA right after the 7th song? i'm bummed i didn't get to play more superchunk, but i wouldn't have remembered anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDES!

fucking great!

the new camera obscura? amazing! i never really got into them before, and i'm always getting them confused with the other camera obscura, but after i ripped 'if looks could kill' off the merge site i was fucking hooked! in a way this is what i wanted broadcast to be. i know they're different but if they could form 1 band i'd be pysched. there are at least 4 jams on this record. and those 4 jams are epic!

also i didn't have time to write about the new band of horses, but that great too. both these records will make the earl top 10 for 06.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

christ this season is long

but not long enough for me! i'm kinda bummed the finals are already here, but at least dirk eliminated the spurs. i could've gone either way on that suns series, cause diaw is so major to me. fuck the heat though. d wade is sick and i'm a huge fan, but i don't want to see riley get his ring after the van gundy bulshit. it should be stan van in the finals right now! g payton jumping on every shaq team looking for the championship? ugh. it's embarrassing. zo. don't get me started on the bullshit he pulled on the nets and raps. i just can't pull for this guy, busted kidney and all.

antoine walker, on the other hand, is different. i was definitely hating him all season, and i googled him looking for 'employee number 8' shots, but looking at this guy clown around has swayed me! he's hilarious! just look at these pics! uglies shot in the game? ugliest mug in the game? best antics in the game?

and check out young dirk with a mullet already. dirk take this fucking series! you're the best player on the court! mavs in 7!

Friday, June 02, 2006

no homo no homo no homo no homo

last night will, alex, and nick were kind enough to host the third 'hip-hop a.v. club'! this time around... 'killa season: the movie'!

respect to alex who darted out in the rain to best buy after realizing they only had the promo teaser on DVD. disaster averted! the preview? hilarious. cam pissing on some dude in front of his bro's saying, 'no homo no homo no homo no homo'. haha and then at his grandmother's funeral scene were he lip-synchs to 'love my life'! to a photo montage! as his fat friend tries to hit on a 70 year old woman! WHAT THE FUCK! [save that woman for someone her own age! like hell rell!]

at this point i got chills. seriously. amazing. mind you this is all shot on a cam-corder [wa-waa] and edited on an imac.

then after the first hour all the sugar/pizza/beer wore everyone down and the movie got a lot less amazing. fast-forward situations. what? it got boring. 2+ hours is a long time for this much tomfoolery.

oh, and did i mention a grown 30 year old cam plays himself as a 15 year old? hitting on girls in high school? this guy is special.

i watch sports. sports. sports.

dombal reviewed 'sportscenter' from dedication 2

first line: Wayne likes sports, as he attests in the intro to this track from his latest, greatest 2006 mixtape.
last line: You know he's going to win because he simply can't lose.

and then gave the track 4 of 5 possible stars. tim also gave a review via text that was something like, 'this tape is so hot i'm sweating!'

dombal's review gets 3 stars [what's the point other than to name-drop a rapper on pitchfork?]
tim's review get a 5.5 pitchfork-wise. it ain't that good!

i think the tape is fine. the track is good, it's probably one off the better songs from dedidcation 2, a tape that's pretty forgettable. i mean, the w carter collection 1 was great. the w carter collection 2 was good, and dedication 2 is fine. all within 4 months! wayne is great, don't get me wrong, but his verse on 'suck it or not' is still more amusing than this whole tape i think. he's over-doing it. too many tapes wayne! take a break! though i'll be first in line for 'i can't feel my face'. gimme gimme gimme!

btw i claim yo gotti as the best tape so far in 2006!