Wednesday, February 15, 2006

please don't say the baby

now, if it is true that the hawks are willing to move al harrington, i think isiah should go out and get him. obviously zeke thinks we can get it done with curry at the 5. fair enough. ok. so we still need a true 1 and 3. watson i like but kmart i'm worried about. i'd be happier with a delk/harrington scenario. whatever even lue/harrington.

i'm just a baby al fan what can i say. he's 6' 9", 26 years old, and gives you 18/7/3. he chips in with steals and 3's too. sure on a team like the knicks his average might dip, but he's playing with joe johnson and zaza right now. easily comparable to marbury and curry... i can't say i'm not worried about his knee as well, but what are you going to do.

let's see if the knicks can beat the worst team in the nba tonight. someone please guard felton and knight. please! watch jumaine go off for 4 3's tonight. no perimiter D from ny ever... larry what do you do at practice? and would i trade the entire bobcats roster for the knicks roster? in a fucking second!

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