Saturday, February 04, 2006 and/or isiah we think you fucked up again

why couldn't you wait for antonio to walk!? we need that money to come back! jalen's making almost max money for this year AND next year. ok i know we really needed a true 3 but rose is not the answer. what happened to the al harrington talks? i mean, checketts and layden dug a really deep hole, but zeke we can't keep collecting contracts. please don't trade penny for erik dampier i'm begging you! i feel bad for isiah cause we're not focusing on the real problem. to get all sinead, the real enemy is james dolan and motherfucking cablevison! dolan doesn't want to rebuild? what the fuck are we doing now then!? the finger pointing must start at the top. f dolan! also, larry could you get david lee some clock please? sure he has rough spots but this guy can ball!

prediction: nate will get the charity spud webb dunk victory. he will feel strong. very strong. he will come back from the all-star weekend throwing alley-oops to himself and averaging 7 turnovers a game. a week later he rides the pine all the way to the end of the season. larry you're weird.

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