Sunday, April 30, 2006

growing report... again

saw growing again last night at the knitting factory. it was a record release for OM, so there were your usual mix of metal lifers and messenger bags. i was kinda psyched! growing was really good, as expected. nothing CRAZY but so good. they got heckled a lotl, which boggles my mind that dudes who would be psyched on an ex-sleep band would hate growing so much. isn't it all the same shit? if not better? i mean, as soon as there's a band with no drums some douche always claims, 'are they serious? I could play this!'. no dude, you can't.

OM i thought sucked but mike bones said they were awesome the night before so maybe i should give them anothet shot. mike's really never wrong about jams, but i just wasn't feeling them last night.

Friday, April 28, 2006


i want this. has anyone heard it? i couldn't find it anywhere today.

canal street report

ok i just hit canal street for some $3 laughs/fanouts.

Big Mike: Gametime- Hosted By Ron Artest! ok i just bout this for the new artest song featuring mike jones. haha it's funny. artest also does the intro-outro via phone. uh, it's fucking hilarious! ron is a shitty rapper for sure, and he even sings on the track. whatever. it was worth is for a chuckle... chuckle not as in wit, but chuckle as in slightly retarded. i'm not mad though! east coast tapes are a little boring, and the best stuff on here is from mike jones and lil wayne. oh the jadakiss/sigel song is good to i guess. but i wanted more artest weirdness! talk shit about the spurs! imagine if ESPN hasd to reports some dubious shit artest claimed on a mixtape! so close...

wayne: carter collection 2: damn this guy has to be the most prolific artist in music. a whole new tape with all this new stuff! it came out today. of course it's good! he's never bad! what's more to say? i think the carter collection 1 was better, but it's all good. his gangster grillz takes them all though. maybe.

March Madness 06: DK 31 degreez. this cover is great. just look at it! duke bluedevil, redick, and wayne designed like an EA sports game! ok i'm a couple months late on this but it was hard to find. 'the mailman'is great with that marvelettes sample. haha this is what i love about these tapes! take a santana reference, put wayne on it, throw in some gunshots, and you have a sick 1 minute song! santana's got a nice song on here too. yo gotti raps over the mannie fresh jeezy song. oui! the writer jay-z dis is a little zzz. eh, whatever this tape is great.

south stars generals vol 4.: christ. the number of dudes on this tape is crazy. 3 full rick ross songs! there's some crossover with some other tapes, but it's good. i would go for march madness 06 over this if you had the choice though.

styles P- shots fired. this is more K's fantasy... but it's really good! song after song, not a lot of skipping. nas references! 'who's world is this' right before 'street dreams'! ok this is really good actually there are 5-6 great tracks here. sure they're mixed like shit and the beat are all stolen [my favorite move] and hella gunshot samples but it's totally achieved repeat listen status! douche!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

casual music review!

finally got a full copy of the new T.I... i still claim rubberband man as his most shredding song, but this record is GOOD. i'm claiming 5-6 really good jams here. even the jamie foxx song is sweet. i guess i just like the whole vibe of this record. the slow beats, the long songs, the artwork, etc. it's good. believe the canal st hype.

juvenile- shit's pretty good too! i think it's too long, but in chunks this record jams! there's not a whole lot of range here like on the TI record, but it's still one of the better records i've heard this year. worth bothering a bro for a copy for sure!

meneguar... great! hello 90's vibe! reminds me of some reis shit jehu or hot snakes take your pick. but that's too easy. eh, anyway this EP is rad.

ladyhawk... not sold yet. better than i remembered them live, but it makes me just want to listen to okkervil again.

i've also been jamming the magnetic fields 69 love songs vol 1. that shit sounds so good to me right now. the moz is also growing on me. still sweating the dog tapes too.

how casual were those reviews? sweet!

VC you're a bird now

anthony johnson coming up big against the nets! this series is a good one! that was a sick performan! he looks like a teenage mutant ninja turtle! he took j kidd on that baseline move! OOOOH! this and the bulls/heat series are real!

Saturday, April 22, 2006

here we go!

arguably the most boring playoffs of any major sport, but i love it! in the east i'm pulling for the baby bulls! they're fucking gangster! you know how much i'm feeling nocioni with the blocks and ugly jump shots, but i've always been a hinrich maneuver fan, and luol deng is blacker than black. what's not to love? this whole team plays like scott skiles, and i'm tired of people shitting on tyson. he's fine...

isiah take notice! look what he bulls did after jordan! lottery picks, good trades, expiring contracts, etc. paxon knows a thing or two about rebuilding. sure, unloading brad miller was a little retarded, but you have to give to the perimeter players on this team. imagine if they still had jay williams? like, whoa...

in the west i'm either pulling for the clips or the nuggs. whoever wins that series. i like players on both those teams. the livingston on the clips and 'no one wants to play with me' camby on the nuggs. watch camby work the big silly though. ako who you gonna root for? the the clips? the nuggs? or the... ugh... lakers. ok i was never mad at odom, but didn't kobe have a verse on the pharrell tape? if not, he should...

Friday, April 21, 2006

i declare this as the biggest piece of shit

i've heard this year. i've skipped through it twice. it's awful! just fucking awful! where does one begin... ? 'skate board P' ugh 'supermodel going back to the hood?' ugh.

Thursday, April 20, 2006

that's a wrap

so the season is over. the knicks went 23-59 in what seemed to be a worse season than their record shows. starbury led the team with 16.3 point per. curry had 6 rebounds per. this guy is 7 feet tall. steve francis is 6' 3" and pulled down 4.1. the stats are moot. the season wa sruined by larry brown's rotaion. or lack thereof. we signed jerome jame sin the offseason for 30 mil. where was he? too bad we didn't make the playoffs. he could've had a couple of decent games in a first round sweep. francis is in new york. which leaves us with 4 shoot guards. marbury included.

so let's just move on. the weaknesses are so obvious. the lack of a defensive big man. the lack of a true point gaurd, which to me is not such a big deal. if we went into the next season with this exact same lineup and a different coach we'd be at .500. isiah stays whatever. we know that dolan's pulling the strings, and i actually don't think zeke did a bad job with a militant spending owner. please larry walk off in the the proverbial sunset. PLEASE fire herb williams. he's just not working. i see him on the sidelines and him talking to an unresponsive team. LET HIM GO.

keep starbury or francis whatever. but trade one of them. isiah! some advice! jamal mashburn retired. don't trade for him! just please keep at least 2 of these rooks please. three would be great. just don't bring in chris webber or alonzo mourning please. damnit. what a waste of a winter.

Monday, April 17, 2006

i'm retarded!

i've waited this long to hear the dr. dog original tapes. they are crushing me! i can't do or think of anything else but how heavy these jams are! this is the perfect capper to my week of johnston/sebadoh lo-fo tape fanouts. seriously. scott played some songs before clap your hands this saturday and my spies reported that there were tears! i didn't really believe it then winton sent me "Love At The End Of Your Day" and i got all weird. that song is better than any bright eyes or destroyer song i've heard so far. it also shits on any death cab! it's that good! i know i know to a lot of you that no big deal, but i really love those bands!

i don't know where you can get it, but try! it's gotta be on limewire somewhere. you will not be pissed! "who do you fool with the things that you hide? is it for your sake or mine?... some things break before they can bend...'

i dunno. i think this song just made my entire summer!

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

make sure we get something back for this dude

we all know there'll be a firesale at the end of the season. and JC, nate, and francis are all up for grabs. well, if 'grabs' means taking on JC's and SF's ginormous contracts. nate will be a throw in when zeke trades for PJ brown.

but look at what JC's been doing since steph went out. 26/5/4 with 2 steals, and 2/5 from 3 a night! and he wants the last shot!

please zeke.
1. no more big contracts
2. keep nate as a backup
3. hold david lee
4. unload either francis or steph for a F/PF or a pick
5. sign no more players that 'remind you of yourself'
6. consider firing your douche of a coach

i'm walking the cow!

i knew 'the devil and daniel johnston' would be my favorite movie ever. it was going to be a lay-up. without getting too emo, this movie is fucking great! i'm saying. it made me feel super weird about everything. the footage is amazing. actual footage of that girl he's been singing about his whole life! 'i knew i was an artist when i wrote 100 songs about her'. like, WHOA! actual recordings of sonic youth yelling at him in a NJ parking lot! actual foootage from the pier platters show here he freaked out! what can i say? this is an epic movie. don't want to ruin the details for you if you're gonna see it, but some shit strait blew my mind. like the shit he pulled right after his SXSW gig. damn.

go see his show at clementine before it comes down! 27th street! wait. it might be over by now...

mixtape madness

ok let's run down some mixtapes from the last 2 weeks. some i've listened to a lot. some i've just listened to once. fuckit they cost $3. here we go!

drama&pharrell: i hate pharrell a lot i think. i think he's retarded. but based on chris ryan's suggestion i got his new tape with drama. super backpack vibe here. he uses some relections eternal beats. his voice is kind of weak. 'skateboard p'? please. bathing ape? who cares? i'm hating a little. it's a solid tape though, meaning it's well produced and sequenced well. whatever. chris still has shredding taste. i just don't like pharrell is all. although 'me too' is an awesome song. download that. save your $3 on this one.

georgia bulldogz vol 6: good! TI and jeezy sound great here! i'm into it! does slick pulla suck? i'm not sure yet... i think so

loso's way- fucking great! one of my favorite tapes! really it's really good he raps about lamar odom! i don't hate this guy at all! even though the 'gangster's rise to power' storyline is super original and fresh, fabo's got good jokes, great beats, more good jokes, and a slack delivery! i'm a fan dude! 'deuces are for laying!'

southern smoke 25- yup! another winner! not really amped on pimp C but there are some great sounding tracks here. love the scarface lil flip song! it's good. all the SS are kinda good. but this one is better than 24...

writer block 3- boring. i'm bored. i just can't get into this one.

young buck&drama- good, he's a little scary sounding. i'll get into this later, but it might be not funny enough for me.

and now... WHO ELSE BUT US? diplomats! uh, after one listen i'm a little disappointed, but there are some jams for sure. i think it might be kinda over for these guys. i dunno, i have my doubts about killa season based off cam's stuff he's leaked already. it's not that epic. 'losing my love' is great though. 'could it be i'm losing my love... for this rap shit? man i've had it!' actually, i might get really into this later. hey! i just got it!

also, i got the new green lantern but i haven't listened to it yet.

damn i have some work to do on these...

Saturday, April 08, 2006


instead of 'i hate you. the fantasy player i hate this week' i'm going to do a 'WTF where did this come from? the fantasy player i love this week!'

you are NOC! where did this come from really. look at his numbers! the last week... 20/11/2! the threes are dubious but i love the action on the boards! damn he's carrying my PILATE DIVAC team right now. also, chris paul has been amazing, but that's old hat. this guy should've been the #1 pick iverson-wise.

and a hi-five goes to CWEBB for playing out this season 72 games played at a 20/9/4 clip does not suck at all!


with the knicks all but killing my will to live [more on that later... larry you're still a douche], i've had to re-direct my interest nba-wise. this post goes out to Josh's friends the twins from nuggtown! i'm claiming the nuggs in the west! it's gonna be an interesting finish to the season, but i'd like to take a moment and fan out on melo a bit. after the dream team bullshit larry put him through and all the weird la-la 'this guy is trouble' tags, this guy is becoming a fucking shredding player! 26/5/3! and this week he's shooting threes! sure the nuggs need to win more games, but that means camby's got to come through. evens was a great pickup. they still down't have the outside shooting threat [andre miller is a liability in that way], but melo can take that shot. fuckit dude start bombing!

if the playoffs started today they woould play the griz, whom i think they can take. but then dallas? hm. i do like dirk's hair situations. the clips? hm. i do like the big silly's style too. it's gonna be a weird couple of weeks, but i'd like to see melo get his on national TV.

sure on hot97 he has that spot where he says 'THIS IS MELO I SHOULD'VE BEEN THE #1 PICK HOT97!!!'. hm dunno if he'll ever be as good as bron bron, but if he gets a three in his game and puts up a few X3 X2 then we can talk. make the haters turn their frowns upside down!

remembered we departed from our bodies!

shit. fuck. last night the hold steady saved me from another dreary weekend. they were, how you say, FUCKING MAJOR! i kinda feel douchey for not repping this band sooner, but better late than never. they played all the jams, including the positive one. i guess they had me won over as soon as i saw them. nerds. living out their E-street band fantasy. the vibes were just perfect what can i say. there was moshing! stagediving! and no one was mad at it! well, from what i could tell. i'm saying. see this band if you like good things!

i will eat crow jason. this band is incredible.

here's some trivia: i mosh with my eyes rolled back and jump around like a weird zombie to the hold steady. and who am I?
hint: my name rhymes with the words 'say', 'way', and 'gay'

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

toosh report: a pitchfork edition!

the new moz:
1st line: "'I am a living sign," Morrissey sings on "Vicar in a Tutu", from the Smiths' 1986 apex, The Queen Is Dead."
last line: "The living sign again: "This one is different, because it's us."

hogan loved the new record. he goes onto explain why. i don't really buy it, but whatever. i can't really argue with details, but the truth is that the new record is thoroughly forgettable. trust me i've tried. hogan gave the record an 8.0. i gave the record, what, a 6.1? i can't remember. hogan's review gets the same why not.

sebadoh III reissue
first line: "Released the same month as Nirvana's Nevermind, Sebadoh's III-- along with Pavement's 1992 album Slanted & Enchanted-- functioned as my preferred scattershot post-adolescent soundtrack."
last line: "I haven't heard anything like it since."

ok so i'm biased. this record was fucking rad. also, when it came out i was right there with stosuy buying up those 7"s and laughing at the indie rock 'fight' tracks. he gave the record a 9.3. i give it an 8.3 [maybe i'm less nostalgic- is that possible?]. the review gets an 8.5.

Fennessey's review of the new T.O. is funny, but i get weirded out by music writers who all of the sudden become black when they review black music. Fennessey sayd "don't get it twisted". it gives me the heebie jeebies. and when trent talks about three 6 on his blog he says 'dawg' every time. ugh.

dwayne wayne report!

foronda took me to my first nets game in jersey. now, i fucking hate the nets but i like r jeff ok. jason collins makes me laugh. his voice is super low like frankenstein. or calvin johnson. i was mostly amped to see d wade do his thing. and shaq, who is ginormous in person i shit you not. the nets blew them away and they're on a 12 game steak, etc, etc. just more fodder for a 2nd round exit. sorry mike bones.

d wade is so shredding though. the dude looks like he's coasting on the court. controlled, balanced, and quick. i'm a fan! damn that draft class was SICK. lebron, melo, wade, and bosh. and i bet you darko will be a 12/8 with 3 blocks kind of guy. not kandi-man terrible.

continental airlines arena is a third world country compared to the garden by the way. it feels like a strip mall and the people are ghetto as fuck. i loved it! on the bus ride back all i heard was about how 'diddy was there' and foronda overheard a conversation stripper-wise. it was hilarious you had to be there. so many goatees too. damn. even more than at the lips show!

get me away from here i'm dying

saw the first night of the lips' 2 night stand in NYC. they suuuucked.... it makes me tired just thinking about it. ok to preface, i have all their albums and they have some JAMS. especially on 'clouds' and 'transmissions'. i still play some of those songs on the library juke and they are still great. to this day. i haven't seen them since they got all 'kooky dad' on us, so i was curious.

verdict: sucked! he seemed really convicted to tell us something. he was 'fighting the power' against something! he was 'trying to stick it' to someone! possibly 'the man'! in the end, all he wanted to do was tell us that he's proud to still be a pothead. frat dudes rejoice. and they did! he would muster up choruses from songs he'd just have played and beg the crowd to sing along. uh... it was awkward. and in the end? a montage of george bush and his cabinet. yeah dude! fuck the system! show a picture of the president! dad you are SO COOL.