Wednesday, May 23, 2007

your boy roy

so the two best college players are banished to NBA siberia. will the right hand side of the USA, with the two journalistic capitals in the country, stay up til 11PM to watch these kids play? hm... at least the bulls didn't get a shot at oden or durant. it was shocking to see memphis and boston miss out on the top 2 but they have enough talent on both those teams. get a jerry stackhouse on those teams and they'll be fine.

did you see how sad 'nigue looked?

fuck these playoffs they're so boring. i hate david stern for not instituting a hard salary cap and suspending those suns players. the NBA in 2007 is a mess. you stole the NBA from us dude! we want it back!

brandon you better take a nap cause this dude's gonna be blowing up your pager!

Friday, May 18, 2007

gang gang dance talks about retina riddim on it's gonna be a sick DVD!

never not laughing! CURTISSS

open query to curtis: what rhymes with 'gap-boxers', 'tube socks', and kiddy-pool?

open letter to cameron: thank you so much for bringing back the word 'dickhead'

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

i listened to andy rourke from the smiths DJ the other week at piano's. after he gave a 'talk' where he played the 'this charming man' bassline. uh...

fear the weird

this jazz - warriors series is entertaining, but jesus it's so clear that the jazz are the better team. love the warriors' heart but when they go cold from outside it looks bleak. who has the better mohawk? AK or barnes. and how did the knicks start this guy and drop him in the same week? who are the knicks? new york has a basketball team?

the suns or the spurs will pound whoever comes out of this series.

UPDATE: the warriors fell apart. was anyone surprised? a nice run by a scrappy team. it's hard to pull for the jazz with the mormon thing and all, but i'm pulling for them next round. you gotta love a player who cried after a game that he got benched in.

YACHT put out a record. he's one half of the blow. the title of this LP is awesome!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

toosh report! the new york times also reviewed the new bone thugs record! [it was a small review]

the new york times review of the ben gibbard show! REDUX!


ok so the jazz vs. warriors game last night was entertaining, but it was like watching a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey. up by 5 with a minute to go? hm the warriors can't shoot free throws right? whoops! concentrate.... DAMN. wait! one more... FUCK!

i also hate derek fisher a little but dude hits big shots, what can i say.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

is it me? [it probably is.]

or are the playoffs/NBA super boring these days? remember ewing vs zo? barkley vs jordan? ok ok so i won't fall into the nostalgia trap... but kirk hinrich vs billups? i guess amare vs duncan is kinda sweet. i really wanted the mavs vs the suns but whatever.

so what is it? has the talent of the league bottomed out? are the high school players diluting the pool?

or maybe the NBA is better than ever and i'm just bored. that golden state series was kinda sweet it's true, but whomever comes out of the jazz vs the warriors series will be crushed my phoenix or san antonio. then either of those teams will crush anyone in the east.

this phoenix vs san antonio series will we the best one in the playoffs... sucks

ugh san antonio vs detroit in the finals? fucking snoozefest!

cass mccombs live. he played two songs before i left. i was so tired. "so damn pure" was one of them.

i missed little mikey bones open but i heard he was awesome!

so i saw the childballads at black betty. it's stuart from jonathon fire*eater's new band.

i actually stopped blogging for a while cause it bummed me out so much. i won't go into details.

ben gibbard from death cab for cutie played acoustic last night!

as far as i can remember:
recycled air
we will become silhouttes
brand new colony [donovan cover mash-up]
such great heights [last song]
neil young [harvest moon]
nirvana [all apologies]
title and registration
the sound of settling
passenger seat
you remind me of home[!]
why you'd want to live here [the LA dis track]
i will follow you into the dark [1st encore... SICK]

some new jammers too. but no 'different names for the same thing' or 'transatlantacism'

Thursday, May 03, 2007

man! ricky lost a lot of weight!

can baron and the dudes do it? i kinda hope they don't, cause i want the semi-finals to be somewhat watchable. but i can't help but root for such well-groomed facial hair.

pros: biedrins' haircut. matt barnes' tribal set-ups. monta ellis' name!
cons: i hate stephen jackson something fierce, but not because of his gansterizations, but more for his premature celebratory posturings. a two foot jumper!? great dude! that's your fucking job!