Saturday, February 04, 2006

young people, growing report

i've kinda been waiting for young people to play again for years. i caught onto them when 'war prayers' came out, which was kind of a summer 2004 anthem for me. driving around LA singing along to 'ne'er do well'. i put that song on 3 different mixes in my day. check out 'stay sweet' or 'collection'. 'el paso' is worth a look too. seriously these songs are great! think beat happening with girl singer? but folkier? 'stay sweet... growing bigger... you know no right... like them we'll cross over...' so good! i also think they're punk as hell. if you listen to it think about it.

so last friday they played the knitting factory and jeff, a bro from providence back in the day, has since left the band and they added one guy from roxy pain and 2 girls from telepathe [another great band!]. verdict? weird! the songs sounded like they never rehearsed or bothered to do a sound check. it didn't suck, but it was very 'huh?'. they were heckled which was a shame cause i bet their new record is great. it's on too pure! spiritualized's label back in the day! all new songs. i was beat i left before the end. i bet in a year they'll be great again...

before the young people played growing shredded a mind-blower! adam couldn't hang with the sesh but nocito and marmaduke agree, growing get a big 'OUI'! not quite doom metal, not quite sunn 0))), but they always get those labels thrown at them. it's just really tasty sounding stuff. will! did you find out if they played to a dat? i'm curious... there's a ton of free downloads on their label. i'd say, 'get em!'

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