Friday, November 17, 2006

now THIS is my beautiful team!

disclaimers: you can't shoot over 50% from the field all the time. shaq is out. wade in foul trouble. but here're some deep thoughts about what's going on vs the heat.

all last year people were hating steph for being selfish. now they hate him for his lack of 'leadership' [and numbers]. hm. really? all i see is a dude who's playing tough d and recognizing he has 3 ball handlers on the team. last 2 games? tough d on arenas and wade. sure, they get theirs, but nothing came easy. i'm pro-steph!

this insanely deep second unit? with a big now [jerome]. the opposing team is seeing what isiah envisioned years ago. a change-up. post-up then fast break. fast break then post-up. then a combo to finish up the game. play the hot hand.

they seem to be clicking tonight. Q presents a nice mismatch at the 3 [or even 2]. steve has his swagger back. frye is helping curry. then you get balkman in there for some fresh-legs d. and when jeffries comes back he won't look for shots. he'll just cover the opposite small fwd. and david lee is the dude! fan-fave already!

loving it. i think they still only win a few more games than last year. but this is great to see! steady the ship! no trades! leave isiah alone! he's got a plan! and steph is finally becoming a grown ass man!

superchunk shredded my mind to infinity last night. why weren't you there? [other than it being $30 and sold out]

Thursday, November 16, 2006

"welcome to the all-star game k mart!"

cause you're never going back. remember when j kidd said that after a k-mart alley-oop during an all-star game? i remember laughing. what a dick.

ok let's meditate on the early part of this season.

kevin martin, deron williams, raymond felton. my pre-season sleepers. 2/3 ain't bad.

crash wallace and josh smith. quit pulling an AK on us. crash can't avoid an elbow to save his life. j smoove thinks he's damon jones all of the sudden. the shitty thing is, he's shooting like damon jones!

the heat look OLD

okur and boozer blowing up. if AK can ever get his health and confidence back this team is super fun to watch. deron looks like he's gonna be a starting guard in this league for the next 10 years.

amare's gonna be ok, but i'm more psyched on d howard. inconsistency and all, this guy is a monster.

chris bosh is a fucking MONSTER.

my man boris diaw is just getting started. he looks kinda shell-shocked, but a couple of good shooting nights, and he'll find his game again, which i'm thinking will be something like 10 pts, 7 rebs, 4 dimes, a steal and a block. REWIND!

so hating on the spurs. watching manu play fucking sucks. tony parker? ugh. they're a great team, i'm just so bored of them.

a team i'm NOT bored of is the warriors! monta ellis is hilarious! baron is baron again. a triple double threat with 8 TO's and awful shooting.

hate the nets too. curly has 2 strait 20 point games but this team is so thin. antoine wright at the 2?

watching danny granger super close. i have no idea what player he's gonna become, but you combine blocks, threes, and playing time and you have my new favorite player.

when ray starts heating up the sonics are gonna be fierce. until rashard goes down with the inevitable back injury. wilcox! playing hard! and NOT in a contract year!?

hating on big men with contracts right now. well, mostly dampier and jerome james. wtf nazr mohammed is the most fristrating fantasy player in the league [other than: gerald wallace, josh smith, manu ginobili, stephen jackson, mo peterson, AK-47, etc, etc]

the nuggs? ako the team is looking good. andre miller got his groove back. melo's scoring is sick but we need to see more rebound and three's to push him to another level. right now he's rip hamilton+ at the 3. JR smith looks good and our man camby is shredding. fuck k mart tho. that dude is a tard.

and the knicks. a win at home last night! balkman showed a flash of promise. frye is slowly coming out of his slump [wtf was THAT?]. Q looks good. marbury looks hesitant. david lee is fucking rad with the rebounds, and francis hasn't done shit. but he will. and to the dude who posted that jamal crawford is the only player you can watch on the knicks? if you enjoy chuckers who shoot 22% from 3 [and shoot 5 times a game!], and 35% from the field, then i guess you're watching the game differently than me. and 2.6 turnovers? ugh. yeah crawford takes some big shots, but one has to wonder: would the knicks be in 4th quarter nail-biters so much if jamal [and the rest of the guards, but jamal especially] played with an average-to-high basketball IQ for 4 solid quarters?

Monday, November 06, 2006

what's the times know about no age? what about a morrissey reference? let's take a look!


damned if you do...

want the 'hustle' unit in there? really?

the starters looked bad. then nate and lee came in and there was a big comeback. it was kinda sweet. marbury took some big shots and made them. malik looked like a veteran who's played duncan at practice for years. it was his D that gave the knicks a shot! then parker hits a big three. i watched the replay right after the shot... but where's nate? not even in the camera shot! then curry blows a jumper and parker brings it up. knicks already down by 9 with 1:00 to go. nate backs up on parker man to man, looks away, and parker goes right by him! nate has to commit the foul. parker to the line. game over for good.

i want nate rob off this team. not cause i think he can't play, which he obviously can, but he gives knicks fans headspins. they remember nate doing his king-kong thing after a rebound [THE SMALLEST GUY ON THE COURT... then what's he doing hanging out with the bigs? he's got to be manning the perimeter], but soon forget his blown defensive coverages and bad fouls. i have to listen to that drunk guy at the bar going 'JUST PUT NATE IN MARBURY SUUUCKS' all season long. to that dude, you're a fucking idiot. love nate's enthusiasm, hate his game, and hate fans who just watch offensive basketball.

also, francis getting hurt is such a blessing in disguise. not for my fantasy teams [all of them], but for the chemistry. but that's so obvious...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

the blow is the week's free itunes DL. people HATE it. i don't. but maybe i do. the "bonus LP' i bought from them is amazing! i think!

just in case the CMJ post was confusing, ladyhawk revisted

ok ken here's a knicks post

what's the deal. the team is lacking chemistry and all this athleticism isn't clicking right now. i'm willing to be patient but it doesn't look good. sure, you hoot and holler when nate chucks threes and hits the floor, but have you seen him on defense? it's a fucking joke! he goes for the steal every time, then leaves his man standing alone for a pass to the hoop or an open jumper.

it's not marbury's fault either. take his pic off your dartboard. steve nash would be just as confused in this scheme. what scheme? there is none!

i just want isiah to stick to this rotation. STICK TO IT. these guys are all ballers. let them develop chemistry. no trades either... i mean, who would take francis? marbury? who's dumb enough to take them off our greedy hands? sure, teams are interested in frye and lee, but i'm not willing to give them up yet. i'm not throwing in the towel, but it's pretty obvious that this team is not ready to compete. what a joke...

and with the first selection of the 2007 nba draft, the bulls select oden! boo hoo eddy curry you douche

still super amped about jay's new record, but the new songs are kinda weak. wayne is the josh smith [not the painter, the player] of rap. sick!

nerd mardi gras! what a long strange trip it's been! [i actually kinda just hung out at the fader and the social registry showcase]