Friday, March 30, 2007

death to all false nba poems!

so here he is. every season there's a player that comes up big for the final stretch of the [fantasy] season. last year it was raymond felton. the year before it was your boy joel pryzbilla. this year? tarance kinsey! as soon as miller went down kinsey has been logging 30+ minutes per! 20-12-24-20 have been his point totals for the last 4. sure he doesn't bound or assist much but i mean, tarance kinsey!?

and linus kleiza!? ako he's your boy!

lamarcus is still doing his thing. kinda.

uh oh! big ben wallace wearing starbury's! i love it! no steph cracks... here you know i think he's rad.

that's all i have to report right now

Sunday, March 25, 2007

ladyhawk at cakeshop! i was too tired to see any of the other bands. the hawk got on so late! but it was worth it!

"i want my bibby back ribs" and/or "that's not a chicken that's a duck!"

is there not an uglier game in the game than mike bibby's? i mean, he walks like a duck and has the worst tats in the league [jason williams' 'upright mouse-man' is probably worse]. that said, i love his stat lines. this year has been tough, but it's nice when you shut yourself in during a beautiful spring day to see dude drain 9 threes. my fantasy team 'Bad Miller' thanks ye.

the knicks! the poor poor knicks! they look terrible again! steve francis officially has the most inappropriate nickname ever!

the suns look good. take down duncan! i hate bruce bowen!

ok real talk. kobe bryant is better than jordan. i said it, son! i mean, jordan has more rings, but 3 vs 6 isn't a big difference to me. i mean, 3 rings is 3 rings! i just watch kobe throw up these shots and play the d he does and i can't help but think he could take jordan in his prime.

sure jordan has intangibles but kobes has that to spare. dudes like lamar odom look to kobe in crunch time in that 'steve kerr' kind of way. and those crazy buzzer beaters! when kobe is 'on' it looks like the game is in slo-mo and he's moving at regular speed.

the question is: would kobe's game have developed like it did without jordan as a model?

i still hate kobe as a dude though, but i hated jordan as a dude as well.

why can't they be more like steve nash and less like assholes?

after 'get cape wear cape fly' i scooted over to webster to see explosions in the sky. i left to go record shopping. i got a tiger trap 12"!

the highlight of the show was meeting boykins reader dan! dan i'm sorry about this review!

the professor took me to see "get cape, wear cape, fly". i went on the strength of the name. into it. is british emo any good?

Thursday, March 22, 2007

come see ladyhawk at cakeshop with me tonight!

they're playing tonight at probably the best venue you could possibly see them at! ok maybe not 'see' them, but see bro's freaking out. they need stadium seating at this place.

the band is great. it's my entertainment recommendation for your evening!

fuckit it's spring!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

NBA poetry entry. "every day is like sunday"

lamarcus! his last week has been insane! check out his last three games: 24/17/4 blocks. 14/10/3 blocks. 16/10 3 blocks. he reminds me of camby! gobbling all that weak side shit up! i ain't mad atcha!

all the rooks look good. tryus is showing flashes, bargnani will be in the playoffs. rudy gay is getting better, roy is doing his thing. and balkman had the garden on its feet today!

why is corey maggette not playing more? ditto morris peterson. i just don't get it. oh wait is maggette playing more these days?

ok why wouldn't a team take greg oden first overall? durant is siiick but oden is a beast. would you trade paul pierce for yao? hells yes! how about vince carter for shaq? in 2007? i'd take shaq! that's how i see oden vs durant.

pelican "shitty of echoes". i'm a fan of instrumental music. i'm also a pelican fan. the new one has been leaked!

Saturday, March 10, 2007


don't look now but that was probably the best knicks game of the season! stevie blunder misses the game-tying free throw, and then the franchise makes an appearance to win the game on a 'prayer' three! BOOM! even clyde was shocked!

now the knicks are ahead of the nets for the last spot in the east. crazy. the pacers are slumping too. c'mon dudes get in there! i want that 1st round sweep. i know it's coming. i want it anyway!

how quickly did the jazz rebuild? i mean, that team is scarily deep when they're healthy. ak-47 role player? gordon giricek and harpring off the bench? that's an instant 20 combined per night! mormons are still really weird though.

artest. what a mess.

the kings. what a mess!

how sick does al jefferson look? he's gonna be a fantasy 3rd rounder next year. dwight howard who? deron's going in the 2nd round too.

josh smith and gerald wallace blowing up in the 2nd half again.

what the fuck is up with the sixers? sammy d is finally putting it together. you can't help but argue that an AI, who scores in bunches and has on-court personality to spare, is no more valuable than boring, steady andre miller. if you gave me the option as a GM, based off salary and fan popularity, i think i'd lean towards dre.

he also looks like a ferret

Thursday, March 08, 2007

just some jams you should hear no big deal.

here's the short video for 'bro's' [featuring scott mou]. babyleg says i'm obsessed. i say i just know good music when i hear it.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

there's a version of the new explosions in the sky record that comes with a bonus remix album. done by some heavy hitters!

let's see... we got jesu, adem, the paper chase[?], mountains[?], four tet, and eluvium.

i have post-trading-deadline trauma

how boring was that trading deadline? is it because of the soft salary cap? i have no idea. i was surprised not to see pau gasol, mike bibby, and vince carter come to the knicks though. what? channing frye and a 2008 draft pick isn't good enough?

at least crash is laughing. and he should be! dude is a beast! for some reason i always have the 'cats on my radar. i keep track of felton's splits and carroll's 3pt%, but ask me about the trailblazers. they have a team in portalnd!? og right. sabonis is sick.

who has a better moustache? adam morrison or gerald wallace?

ako! i know i was all huffy about AI and the nuggs. the sweet sweet nuggs, but he hasn't played enough to support my argument. the AI trade had all the markings of a james dolan deal. the only difference is that the nuggs don't run the highest paid team in the NBA out there!

the poor knicks. what a broken down bus. every position has issues. at least the bulls won't get oden with our pick.


the rooks like promising all across the board. roy, though super boring, looks fine. rudy gay slowed down a bit. bargnani looks sick. who's the GM in toronto right now? is that checketts? fucking dude. if it is, he knows what he's doing!