Wednesday, February 01, 2006


i picked up a copy of the swirlies' 'blonder tongue audio baton' for $5 last night! i misplaced my copy years ago when i was making an emo cassette mix for some dubious crush. i forgot how amazing it is! pancake! it's not as good as 'what to do about them' but it totally holds up a decade later. i thought the first syrup single was good but the full length had me baffled. i also got the latter swirlies CD's and they're good but not as good as the taaang! records. not nearly as good! again, this B&W pic is almost exactly how i ran it in my zine 13 years ago...

the babyshambles has been out forever but i just got that too... it's great! really, it's pretty damn good! 'fuck forever' is a hilarious song and there are some really drugged out beautiful moments. my fave is 'The 32nd Of December'. he wants to be joe strummer but who doesn't? 3.5 - 4 mics!

happy birthday josh! it was a shredder last night. i took it to the max! me and nocito beat marc and spence at darts! douche! will unleashed marmaduke and now i have my kidneys all bruised up. suxxx

fuckit k get back to work on that article about that weird band whose best album rhymes with spliff your peeling minister

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imperialffrr said...

chea, swirlies are one of my favorite bands OAT. BTAB is crack, but yeah, "what to do about them is insanely good." "didn't understand" is one of their best songs ever. "they spent their wild youthful days..." is pretty great, too, though after that they just get weird in their sneaky flute'd out later years.