Friday, June 02, 2006

i watch sports. sports. sports.

dombal reviewed 'sportscenter' from dedication 2

first line: Wayne likes sports, as he attests in the intro to this track from his latest, greatest 2006 mixtape.
last line: You know he's going to win because he simply can't lose.

and then gave the track 4 of 5 possible stars. tim also gave a review via text that was something like, 'this tape is so hot i'm sweating!'

dombal's review gets 3 stars [what's the point other than to name-drop a rapper on pitchfork?]
tim's review get a 5.5 pitchfork-wise. it ain't that good!

i think the tape is fine. the track is good, it's probably one off the better songs from dedidcation 2, a tape that's pretty forgettable. i mean, the w carter collection 1 was great. the w carter collection 2 was good, and dedication 2 is fine. all within 4 months! wayne is great, don't get me wrong, but his verse on 'suck it or not' is still more amusing than this whole tape i think. he's over-doing it. too many tapes wayne! take a break! though i'll be first in line for 'i can't feel my face'. gimme gimme gimme!

btw i claim yo gotti as the best tape so far in 2006!

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