Thursday, June 15, 2006


let's go the mavs are the better team by far. obviously we'd all like to see the series go 7, but the danger of that is that it gives riley that much more of a chance to win another ring. and zo. fuckin zo. i want dirk to bring the trophy back to berlin and have the world take notice that drinking beer and being really weird pays off! no rapping this year during the parade thank you! unless damp has some verses he'd like to share. fuck i bet marquis does. and stack. christ.

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Anonymous said...

don't think anyone would give a shit in Berlin right about now.

Fuck the Mavs. When I look at Mark Cuban, I'm ashamed to admit I like sports. It's like going to an anti-war protest with all the 20 year old hippies in face paint.

Who cares if Riley or Shak gets another ring? Zo stopped being hateable once PKing started to show up in his polka dotted shirts to lend support.