Monday, June 26, 2006

updated top 10 6/26/06

ok this is strictly some boykins shit. i know i know if i was writing for the grey lady the list would be completely different, but this is my interweb and i get to cry if i want to.

10. walkmen- have you seen the loiusiana vid?
9. streets- what can i say this guy is hilarious.
8. TV on the radio- love the stolen jams. TVT you better put this record out soon, everyone's already got it.
7. destroyer- yeah rubies is that good.
6. yo gotti gangser grillz- drama is so good. heavy jams. raps like avery johnson would rap.
5. TI- it's his year i guess. major verses on this record. the choruses get annoying but it's still amazing. it's just downhill from here buddy.
4. band of horses- an amazing record
3. jesu- love it love it love it
2. sonic youth- that record is so solid. crappy. good. embarrassing. cool. me likes.
1. islands. yup still think this record is amazing. other than that fucking rap song. WHYEE? it'll drop to 2 by the end of the year i bet...

fell off the list: killa season. growing. elvis perkins. arctic monkeys
on the bubble: wayne/drama dedication 2. mono [it'll get here]

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