Tuesday, June 27, 2006

"... his ship to crash. His ship."

hahahaha what a joke. did you guys see that 'press conference' with dolan and isiah? the problem is that dolan, who spent years supporting layden, expects isiah to improve this team in a year. from 23-59? i would fucking hope so! but isiah will take this team to 30 wins in his sleep, and dolan will say, 'look at the imporvement!'.

my question to dolan is this: what's 'improvement'? 10 wins? 20 wins? an 8th seed in the playoffs? a first round sweep? the conference finals? what if isiah sits put and keeps his expiring contracts? and just lets them go? what if he has two seasons of 25 win ball and loads up on draft picks. what if he passes on lebron? what if he saves the money, tries to get NEAR the salary cap, and starts loading up on gritty journeymen like, say, anthony mason or john starks. remember those guys james? i think they were good.

what team who wins 23 games has a press conference like this? none! dolan is inept, insane, and basic. oh, and rich. jay-z will you please buy the knicks?

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