Tuesday, June 06, 2006

getting older, fatter, and barely remembering it

we had the K/nocito throw down birthday bash last night, and if i've learned anything it's to not try to outdrink 2 dudes who are both 7 feet tall. well, meneguar played and they fucking rule. i declare them good! i dunno what more to say about them other than they make me wish i was still playing music. i also like how they just shredded through 7 songs and ended it! or was it jason pumping jeezy into the PA right after the 7th song? i'm bummed i didn't get to play more superchunk, but i wouldn't have remembered anyway. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDES!

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Anonymous said...

Hey, been a fan of the Earl Boykins for more than a minute. Happy to see some of my pictures up there, and even more pumped to see Meneguar coverage. Drop a line.