Monday, June 26, 2006

ok ok another new boykinsa tradish

since the finals are over and the nba news is few and far between, i'm now gonna start casually responding to the front page rumor section of but just the splash page.

arenas to bolt washington? really? man i know a TON of team that could use him, but does he have the 'shoot first' stigma? he's a head case for sure. remember on golden state the press thought he was shoot too much and he decided not to take a shot til the last minute of the game? uh, doesn't he make $800,000 a game or something?

iverson to boston!? for who? pierce and jefferson? whack. ai stay in philly

raps will deal villanueva!? yes! please isiah make a move now! this guy looks like caveman lawyer! no seriously, i'm a charlie V fan! i think we're looking at a solid 14 pts, 7 rebs, 1 three and 1 block from this guy! i'd give up just about anything other than frye, only out of principle cause the raps took CV right before frye in the draft, and we were all stoked on that. remember?

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