Thursday, June 29, 2006

ro knows

so the knicks get balkman. whatever williams would've been nice but i really don't care that much about him. he have too many guards to take him anyway. great guys. great. i'm just so over getting mad at the knicks. sure balkman would've been a FA pickup, as no one had him on their charts. isiah's done well in the past so let's see, but nothing about this guy seems more than just a practice stand-in.

the 2nd pick? collins? a guard? HAHA GREAT! great going guys! doh!

let's just take the wait-and-see approach guys. no freakouts. let's take a look at the bright side. we have 3 very promising 2nd year players, 3 former all-stars, and an underachieving C who has a little bit of 'upside' left. i tiny bit. a shred. can't wait!

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