Tuesday, June 13, 2006

sweaty pits, nyc filth, and jams!

2 new records by new yorkers!

sonic youth rather ripped- believe the reviews! this record is insanely good! but before you pass judgement on any new SY record you kind of have to backtrack.

bad moon rising, evol, sister, daydream, etc. amazing. perfect. ok. lets's start with goo. not a huge huge fan but there were moments. too cool and not beautiful enough for me. dirty? loved it! experimental jet set? loved it too! washing machine? oui! that doug aitkens track at the end!? 'diamond sea'? crazy! a thousand leaves? good. getting distracted. ok. NYC ghosts and flowers? a little zzz. Murray st? great! songs again! sonic nurse? not as good as murray st. and now rather ripped? fucking awesome! beautiful guitar riffs, 4 minutes songs, weirdness, etc. yeah, this is good. they have a song called 'jams run free' on there!

i get weird about this band. the best band on earth? i was that kid with the goo shirt and a stack of zines. and the dirty mike kelly baseball tee. i dunno. i find them major in a tear-y eyed way. recently i wrote in some magazine that 'teenage riot' was the best song ever. i stand by that shit!

tvotr- Return To Cookie Mountain- latter day sonic youth tribute band? no! maybe. anyway this is great too. there are some amazing moments what can i say? 'province'? a summer jam! congrats to them i think they could've tanked, but they just got better! there's some shit going on here... oui!

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imperialffrr said...

how come everyone hates experimental jet set so much? the first half of that record alone is great sy material, i just don't understand.

rather ripped is killer, too. "lights out" is my new jam.