Wednesday, June 21, 2006

shandon anderson: 1 patrick ewing: 0

so there it is. the heat go on to win 4 strait and beat the mavs. the last game was close. the refs blew some calls and then tried to give them back. dirk fouled wade by running into his flying elbow. traveling on that last miami offensive rebound? the refs have to get it together. but then again, the mavs shouldn't let the refs be in a position to alter the outcome of the game. they just looked overmatched against wade. insane that guy is. but dirk is just as good, but maybe not as clutch. you really can't fuck with either team at this point. they blazed through the spurs, pistons, and suns. respect.

would've loved to see game 7 and aver johnson dancing at the parade, but oh well. it was a great series anyway. i guess...


Anonymous said...

Dallas will win it next year if they can hold on to Howard. Riley's band of has beens won't be able to duplicate this again.
Not that you care, but here's my pros and cons....

Pros and Cons for Miami winning the NBA Finals

PRO- Twoine gets a ring!!
CON- So does Zo.

PRO- Victory of African American creativity and athleticism over Tuetonic efficiency.
CON- Confirmation of the America's one man clear out style that began with Jordan and has doomed their International game.(but who cares about the international game anyway?)

PRO- A center that plays like a center- powerful, blocks shots, under the basket, rebounds and knows how to dunk vs. a center that plays like a European or a girl, no game under the hoop, can't break 40% FG, can't really defend either but real good at the herky jerky slashing to the rim like a retard style or that old guy on every basketball court when I was a kid, who elbows you in the face and has nasty, sweaty arm pit hair.
CON- Afforementioned 'PRO' center is lazy ass, "ooooh my wittle toe hurts" Shaq.

PRO- Miami's an interesting enough city and the people that support the team have nothing to do with their right wing Cubans, rigged election machines, or elderly Jewish retirees (who should be supporting the Knicks).
PRO- Dallas...need I say more?

PRO- Patrick Ewing was at nearly every Miami game through the playoffs.
CON- So was season ticket holder Jimmy Buffet which trumps whatever redneck country stars I've never heard of that probably went to the Dallas games.

PRO-White Chocolate gets a ring!!
CON-As does Gary Payton whose long term strategy to follow Shaquille O'neal around the NBA finally paid off.

PRO- Miami were the most legitimate of the 89/90 expansion teams (check the awesome 89' roster!- and first to make the playoffs with Glen Rice and Steve Smith in 1993 (and losing 3-0 to Jordan). Of course there were also the good teams of the mid/late 90s that provided cannon fodder for the Knicks year after year. The Magic made it to the finals first but recieved a NJ Nets like ass whipping and couldn't keep it up post- Shaq. The Timberwolves were decent for awhile but not as good as the Heat. Fuck Charlotte and the goddamn Anthony Mason for Larry Johnson trade! The Raptors are gay (gay name, gay uniform, and play in gay ass Canada home of gay lord Steve Nash). The Grizzlies have always sucked.
CON- Still kind of hate them as a franchise from the glory days when Charles Oakley said on Hot 97 that he was going to slap Mourning like a woman. If only Garnett, Marbury and Spree could've come together at the same peak of their careers.

And now for the most important reason why it's a good thing that the Miami Heat won- Mark Cuban's a complete dickhead.

ken's friend jro

earl boykins said...

i debate that white chocolate getting a ring is a 'pro', but ok.

and cuban is kind of a dickhead, but would any franchise want him as an owner? fuck yes! he's loyal, strait up with his staff/players/fans, and is rich as an asshole! ok he has terrible in-game/post-game bantor but what're you gonna do?

he wears a mavs football jersey... to mavs games... a team he OWNS! talk about living the dream!