Monday, June 19, 2006

casual mixtape review 6/19/06

'the rule'r? amazing! i declare 'hustlin'' the summer anthem [along with scott's solo jam 'i hope you find love at the end of your day']! ok ok i know 'hustlin'''s been out since the winter but why not? all the nerds are freaking out on it! and the remix with jay and jeezy? christ! rick ross' weird face is on EVERY tape on canal st it seems. this is the 'port of miami' prequel, and it kinda rules. sure he isn't the best rapper and he doesn't have the most interesting voice, but there's something about him i think is funny. his really slow delivery? or maybe the production is just good. the track with nore is crazy! the beat is my fantasy! 8-bit nintendo! this is a good tape!

more tape reviews coming soon cause i just got a new laptop. i've had the yo gotti gangster grillz CD stuck in my laptop for months. sucks!

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