Thursday, June 15, 2006

'casual SY review revisted' or 'deep thoughts'

ok so i've been listening to the new sonic youth and i still stand by my first review, but i decided they also might suck.

don't get me wrong! best active band out? maybe? they've had 3 seperate careers! the SST days, the DGC MTV days, and now the 'older dudes major label' days. i have to admit i like them without o'rourke, but they walk that fine line of 'art' and 'bullshit'. i can admit that. 'what a waste. you're so chaste. i can't wait... to taste your face.' 'it's a perfect sin. close your eyes and lose the rest. it's a perfect sin. close your mind and feel the best.' 'in your mouth a wad of cash. moist roll of hundreds. fingers through your hair. silver quarters drop.' hmmm....

now, i know. i went to art school too. we can bring out all the texts and weird primitivism coffee talk, but at times this record is corny! but i love it! as if they're talking about some reverse process shit. we all know they can write killer one-liners, and they choose to go the rhyming dictionary route. i guess that's the statement. the music being so tight certainly helps, and there are highs on this record that are rare for this band. as if they were like, 'ok let's just go for the progression people want. but let's see if we can pull off these retarded lyrics!'

again, this record shreds.


joshuawildman said...

why do you like this band? teenage riot is was and always will be a major song but come on they are far from being good, i might rather here a fu schnikens record with soon to be four time nba champ shaq on it, it would be more creative "fear of a white chick" sweedish

earl boykins said...

dude i actuall don't know why you DON'T like this band, based off all the other shit you like. was kim mean to you once or something?

douche will i be seeing you at the block party later?