Wednesday, March 29, 2006

fraggle rock!

last night destroyer played the old lime-lite. a place i haven't been to in 12 years. he started kinda slowly and we all know this guy has problems performing live, but halfway through the set he picked up the pace by shredding some 'modern painters' and 'rubies'. some jams off streethawk, thief, etc. 'there outta be a law! there outta be a railroad! to take me away!'. it made me happy but show wasn't so good i'd say. still, tell me where he's playing and i'll be there at the drop of a hat! schmizzle was hitting all the high notes karaoke style! respect!

some quick 'jams i've been jamming recently'
okkervill is blowing my mind heavy. 'our so-called friend'? are you serious? amazing.
antony. his lecture at tokion was really annoying [mostly cause of coco rosie... BOOOO], but his last album is something else. it's really fucking great.
death cab 'plans'- yup i'm back into it. i had to take a major break cause it makes me feel really weird, but i think i can jam it now without freaking out.
hold steady had a quick lifespan for me, but i still want to see them live.

eh, it's been one of those weeks!

also, the new growing record is good.


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