Friday, March 03, 2006

this is it

another look at some reviews

first we got sanneh on the strokes show

first line: Maybe it was inevitable.
last line: But he didn't give the audience any reason to believe him, or not to.

i thought K was too easy on them. sure we all know they were great once, but it would've been funnier to shit on them more. or is it too easy? i'm never sure. on a scale from 1 to drugs, this review gets a pixie stick.

Fennessey reviewed the new T.I. jam

first line: Tip always takes the unsophisticated and extrapolates, letting his lissome flow weave and groan and munch on the beat.
last line: If only all rap were this easy.

and then he gives the song 5 stars! i don't think the song is that much better than 'rubber band man' or 'bring em out' but it's still good. T.I. the artist gets 4.5 stars. the song gets 3.5 stars. the review also gets 3.5 stars.

finally, zach baron reviewed the new new radiant storm king

first line: An unhappy late-1990s memory of mine consists of Giovanni Ribisi's pants down, full junk out in the non-remake remake, SubUrbia: no Vandals or TSOL, just swinging balls to period-piece Decline-of-Western-Indie-Rock mood-setting.
Last line: Until, that is, you realize what you're shouting along to: "Reckonings of who you should have been/ Are by comparison/ Sure of who you were 10 years ago/ Where does a decade go?"

this review is pretty funny. what the fuck how is this band still together!? the review gets 7.5. what? it's funny!

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