Tuesday, March 28, 2006

21+ for a 21- situation

so last thursday was the start of earlboykins fantasy camp! let's get to it!

thursday animal collective played webster again. in my mind that band is probably the most major band that's around right now. that said i think i've seen them play over 12 times now so it's hard to get super worked up over it. they didn't quite kill it but it was fucking sweet. they jammed a couple jams from feels, and sung tongs, and a couple new ones. i dunno, the highlight for me this time was abby's bag design! a girl hugging a dog with bats over her head? awesome! abs lay off the pipe!

saturday was a doozie. k swindled me into the moonkeys show. full of soccer hooligans singing with flags and industry types. 21+ for a band that doesn't have a member over 20. it is weird to see thick-necked UK dudes relating to how 'there's no romance over here'. but i did see a dude with a homemade 'young + angry + bored' shirt, so that made me feel better. we were out of there by 10:30 en route to...

DR DOOOOG! ok i remember very little at this point, especially with ro and kenan feeding me dranks, but i do remember screaming at frank. maybe or maybe not telling the fry guy that the dog is 'the best band ever' [to which he may or may not have replied, 'oh, you again.']

it's not over yet folks! destroyer's tonight! instead of bong loads or shots i think i'll just shed a single tear into my selzter...

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