Wednesday, March 22, 2006

here you go nocito

the knicks are sad. earl is out for the season. i missed SXSW. i declare a new boykins tradition... "Jams I've Been Jamming Recently!"

ok here we go!

5. Okkervil River. "Black" makes me feel really weird. i hate it when i'm wrong, but this ablum is heavy.

4. bright eyes. the last two records. this guy is crazy you're missing out if you're hung up.

3. my joan of arc mix motherfucker! for the last month i've been waking up to "I Love A Woman (Who Loves Me)" no homo. is that weird? it's exactly how i feel everyday. ugly, trollish, angry and hopeful! i hate emo!

2. ringleader! c'mon "In The Future When Alls Well" is kind of rad. "living longer than i had intended. something must have gone right! i thank you with all my heart!" this kind of makes me sad/happy. i dunno why this line got me but it did.

1... HOLD STEADY! "We're gonna start it off with a positive jam!... And all the sniffling indie kids! HOLD STEADY! And all you clustered up clubber kids! HOLD STEADY!" you know sometimes you just want i mean you need to hear some AC/DC riffs from a music critic who's moonlighting as a bar-band singer. "I was a teenage ice machine! i kept it cool in coolers and i drank until i dreamed! and when i dreamed i dreamed about the scene!" sometimes you need to shred an air-guitar alone at 3PM cause you know what if feels like. someone should start jason? i still claim AC as the best rock ablum for last year but damn how have i slept so hard on this band? oh, right. lifter puller. if i miss the HS next time they're here i might cry. beer was invented for dr dog, and it tastes great to the hold steady!

this is just for this week. no raps but they're still around.

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