Saturday, March 04, 2006


knitting factory sausage fest report! clipse played the kf last night. packed like sardines. so many angry rap fans with big backpacks. hey turn that frown upside down i say!

the clipse were fine. they played some jams from their last tape. when 'roll with the winners' came on i wanted to go home and listen to T.I. instead. when 'mic check' came on i wished i was back at that weird party where juelz rapped into a mic that didn't work and it was really fun. i dunno. i have trouble getting exciting about backpack raps. what's the deal with the star trek business? yikes. 'we got it for cheap 2' is a good tape, but i didn't really need to stress out about the show. the highlight of the night was the pre-party supergroup wags will noc shredding some rolling stones karaoke-wise! kelly you got kicked out after we left?! was party-kate involved?

oh and big thanks to the fader guys for basically escorting us in past the line. i felt like a douche but it was fareezin.

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