Friday, March 17, 2006


here at earlboykins studios we're up to our necks in final four madness, so instead of going to texas, we sent a few correspondants to SXSW to cover some jams for us. staff members include the wild dude, k, wags, the duke, and win-ton. some are slacking and some aren't. here we go!

wildman text updates:
3/15 7:17 PM
body: DOUCHE!!!

3/16 2:40AM
body: I am at a spoon echo and the bunny man show open bar no big deal

3/16 2:49 AM
body: You are so light

3/16 7:16 PM
body: Dr dog in an alley with free beer

3/16 9:38 PM
body: at the moz

3/16 10:38 PM
body: He opened with hector no big deal

3/16 11:16 PM
body: How soon is now

3/16 11:26 PM
body: too many new songs not that major

K reported via phone. something to the effect of "KKKEEEUUUUOOOOO". the duke reported this afternoon with "yeah ghost is tonight did you go to the fish hey i gotta go"

there it is. all you need to know about SX. i also heard moz was at the four seasons swimming in the pool. more updates soon!

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