Wednesday, March 15, 2006

are you actually saying that we are not as cool as we think?

envelopes report! hello 'best album of the year' for THRILL! zine...

last night they played the merc and if it wasn't for SX it would've been more crowded. but it wasn't and i was stoked! they kinda reminded me of the new bad things from portland. remember that band? nobody does it seems, but they were great. 6 kids, none of whom would play their axes or kits very well. but anthemic and sweet.

those swedes... think the 'hooked on phonics' vocal stylings of the pastels, mixed in with a tiny bit of the rentals, and crayon. dude rhymes lee-on-ard with leotard! yeah he's a 'tard alright! awesome! if i had a time machine i'd put their record next to my six cents and natalie 7"s, and probably would listen to them like crazy. the only time i was pissed all night was when they were charging 18 bones for a disc. luckily it has some jams on it. i'm scared of an imminent twee comeback but let's just hope is the lopes and that's it.

also, i wish i was at SX with my bro's! please send me pics of devin the dude and ghost! and the dog! from all 5 shows! and MCR/lifetime! and someone please sneak into a moz show for the boykins... i hear he's good!

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