Friday, March 10, 2006


i declare this guy my favorite fantasy player of 05/06! today in yahoo leagues he just qualified for C! uh... C! so we're talking SG, SF, PF, C eligiblity! since that fucking slacker dirty kurty went down with a foot problem and killed my team [looks like zeke traded him just in time] diaw's been averaging 19/9/8 with a little less than a block and a steal per. oh, and 65% from the field! colangelo was a great GM in phoenix! that sign-and trade with JJ and getting this guy diaw as a throw-in? it's proof to the idea that being a good GM is 1 part talent sountingl, 1 part financial wisdom, and 1 part luck! sometimes teams end up with brad millers and ben wallaces and diaws for nada. it's crazy.

sure amare will buzkill him a little when he returns but damn, what this frog does when he gets some run!

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