Sunday, March 19, 2006

it's a wrap!

it's over! SXSW XX is winding down! let's see what our correspondants had to say about the rest of the week!

K 3/17 6:38PM
body: m c r n b d

wildman 3/18 1:01AM
body: at arctic monkeys douche

K 3/18 2:53AM
body: 1 day: mcr, a moonkeys, a.c.. n b d

k 3/18 5:51PM
body: devin the dude n b d

wildman 3/19 12:31AM
body: super chunk. no big deal

and there it is. another year at SXSW winds down *sniff*. i'm secretly not mad that i missed moz, or the moonkeys or ghost [or the dude], but that i missed MCR! you need proof? just look at this pic of my arms what!

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