Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i'll take the finger then

frere-jones has been freaking out about ghostface for the last few weeks. he finally wrote a proper review. let's take a look.

first line: "I own only one piece of art depicting a musician"
last line: '“See—I was born in 1970, yo. You know what, I’m a seventies man, a Taurus and shit, and I love, like, shit like that. I’d rather write to shit like that than hip-hop any day.”'

damn SFJ has a boner for the new record, but it is really good. i agree with all the weird enthusiasm cause the record is candy. like a taco with the works or a rad slice. good all the way through. i think SFJ is a good enough critic, but he loses points after posting MP3's of his band's demo. the songs suck! and i like how he's got a 'if you want to sign us' link. keep waiting dude! and it's a shame cause james lo is on some of the songs. he jammed hard in chavez. from 1 to the new yorker back page, the review gets a 7.0!

also, sanneh wrote a rock n roll hall article.

first line: "Last night, for the 21st year in a row, a roomful of rock 'n' roll movers and shakers morphed into rock 'n' roll sitters and eaters."
lst line: "A wedding has a dance floor."

haha pretty good. how does he get away with being such a dick? on a scale from 1 - 10 the review gets what kelly osbourne looked like last night. before you front google it.

k who do envelopes sound like? and 'streethawk' still shreds 'rubies' you're crazy.


imperialffrr said...

big polvo ripoff. sfj shoulda stuck with ui. however, james lo will always and forever be in my heart for the chavez years.

Tom Perignon said...

Joey had a pretty good review last night's Taco Tuesday at my crib.

first line: "it's awseome 'cause he doesn't know he's an art-fag"

last line: "he's like a gangsta art-fag"

earl boykins said...

i dunno if he's necessarily an art-fag. i think he's just a little weird. as if you has no editing skills at all... just look at his ablum titles. sounds like he thought about it for a secong and was like, 'yeah, i said bulletproof wallets!'