Thursday, January 26, 2006

why is cam age-ist anyway?

nothing better than sitting down to your 'puter and finding e-mails from jason with cam press conference pics! man this looks so weird. super twin peaks! right down to rob de niro's tribeca theater. i feel kinda bad for cam cause he's all blowing this out of proportion and jay so far is like, 'huh? whatever'. sort of like when tim thomas challenged k-mart to a boxing match and k-mart was all like, 'hey man i get enough of this stuff from my kids at home'

not to say cam is anywhere close to tim thomas, but while the jay dis is funny it's really not blowing anyone's mind right? nah it's pretty funny.

while i'm at it here's a shot of another weird press conference. marbury in tears! free isiah!

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Tom Perignon said...

what's this about dipset campaigning against child molesters? that's no way to get paper.