Wednesday, January 04, 2006

fantasy wise? rad man!

"I think Vladimir Radmanovic is a very, very talented guy who creates problems for other teams," Hill told the Seattle Times. "He can run. He can shoot. I don't think we've seen the best of him yet. He's 25 years old. It will help our team if I can motivate and get him playing somewhere close to what he's [capable], because his presence on the floor will make it easier for Rashard and Ray. Vlade, if he doesn't start and he probably will, but if he doesn't, he certainly will be on the floor a lot."

i've been wrong a million times before, but remember when you picked up damon jones last season? or how bout kyle korver? josh smith? j chill? i'm pretty much sure this is FA gold right here. i'm hoping for an average of 15, 7, 1.2 steals with 1.8 3's the rest of the way. imean, if you look at his game log, the nights he gets 30+ minutes he's solid. hell, anyone who's 6'10", 25, and been balling their whole life would have a nice line in 30 minutes...

and i didn't even mention his braids once!

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