Thursday, January 19, 2006

haha i love this game!

this is what i love to see! your best player is hurt and then the team comes out running over picks, diving for loose balls, and lumbering into the crowd to protect their wifeys. so gordon is a money 4th quarter player and he shoots daggers against the knicks, but the dudes in blue and orange looked hungry. the pride is back! even in a loss!

i was thinking as i was watching this game, when the knicks were sending out all these stiffs a few years ago, what i would give too see at least ONE athletic player on this team. now we got too much energy! i love it! isiah's made a couple of dubious moves [curry/james] but the draft saved him. we're looking at 1 solid starter and 2 great role players. not bad! ken i know you hate mo but i don't. he'll never be a KT but at least he gives you stability off the bench. sort of what dyess did for larry in detroit. every player on a team can't be great, and we need to hold onto our veterans. cause larry's basically sending a glorified college team out there!



i told ya man, i switched from hating on Mo once he started playing D. now i choose to hate on Rose. and weirdly, JJames actually looked decent last night. did i just type that??

earl boykins said...

who knows when these guys will show up and play. JJ is a bust. i'd rather have blount than him. contract and all.

isiah signed JJ to the dumbest deal since calvin booth.