Tuesday, January 17, 2006

totally worth it!

belle and sebastian report! 'the life pursuit' is great! i'm not running down the street in joy [almost] but i'm super pumped. the highlights for me are Mornington Crescent, White Collar Boy, The Blues Are Still Blue, Another Sunny Day and a couple other songs! the production is out of control and stuart's vocals sound sick. i kinda hoped for an album like this... heavy layers and rolling melodies. and weirdness as in, 'this kinda sucks, but instead it's just really really great!' The Blues Are Still Blue? this is coming off of 'waitress' and and i know some people can't take the 'show-tune' vibe but to me they haven't abandoned their old sound cause their last release was that live sinister song-by-song jam. sure there are a couple of shitty songs on pursuit, but just a couple!

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