Saturday, January 28, 2006

great, just... great! DR DOG!

hello my name is earl boykins and my favorite hobby includes getting the fanclub together to do a monster pre dog shesh at dubious bars and gallery floors. pizza prefered but not mandatory. no wilds or K, which was a bummer [f high on fire and arctic monkeys], but we held it down.

even though K tried to ruin the dog they still prevailed! there was a line down the block! it wasn't their best show. it wasn't even top 5 performance-wise, but i shit you not they were still amazing! brian i'm pumped that they're selling out shows! what a long strange trip it's been... everyone was singing along! there was door drama! there was stress! there was good times! seriously good times...

ok maybe i drank too much which made me bummed cause i wanted to bro longer, but it was a good night. i'm already emo about it! we all we all we AAALLLL!!!

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