Thursday, January 12, 2006

i will fight you

nice try dooling trying to pull a 'camby'. i think the magic will take that trade-off though. ray ray gone in the first quarter? sure! and i'm psyched cause rad man played well and had 6 dimes! rashard went off too but he's a player i always avoid on draft day.

remember the heat/knicks fight? i know JVG never brought home a championship but why do you think he still gets standing O's at the garden? cause of shit like this! so much respect! and when he jumped in front of camby's ferry-aimed sucker punch? oh man that was too weird...

i miss the heat/knicks rivalry. the PJ brown flipping of ward incident? the anthony cater game-winning illegal shot? allan houston's 100 million dollar 'shotter's bounce'? this week is all about me pining for the 90's i guess. f the 00's

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